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Adds Inquisition headmorphs into the Dragon Age toolset for morphing and the export of headmorphs for Dragon Age 2.

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Dragon Age 2: Inquisition Style Head and Morphs
By IceBuckets

Adds Inquisition heads and morph targets into the Dragon Age Origins Toolset for use within Dragon Age 2. 
Every single Inquisition morph target, complexion, hair, beard has been added for use. Additionally, each race/sex will have a set of morph presets (i.e. Dagna, Alistair, Celene, Abelas, etc.) for you to use in creating unique morphs for Dragon Age 2 - finally changing out DA2s more cartoon styled heads. 


  1. Drag all contents of the DAO Folder into your Dragon Age Origins override folder. For me, this is located at: users/documents/bioware
  2. Drag all contents of the DA2 folder into your Dragon Age 2 override folder. For me this is located at:
  3. Replace your Settings for the Toolset here (this is the default location):
  4. C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age\tools

    Be sure to patch your Toolset with the 4GB patcher! This uses alot more memory! 

Using this mod:

  1. Open the Toolset - and select New /  Morph
  2. From the drop-down menu, you should see you have 6 new options at the bottom underneath DAI (don’t select this option - this is only meant as a divider)
  3. Make your morph.
  4. Save and export
  5. Open up your .MOR file in pyGff 
  6. Drop down the first dropdown.
  7. Drop down the MORPH_PARTS section
  8. Paste this line in front of the item in the 0/1/2/3 row (if there is an reference there) (replacing RACEGENDER with your morphs race and gender): art\characters\playercharacter\RACEGENDER\
  9. Drop down the MORPH NODES section
  10. Find HAIRM1 and change the name to SCALPM1
  11. Find HAIRM2 and change to HAIRM1
  12. Find HAIRM3 and change to HAIRM2
  13. In the new SCALPM1, drop it down and drop down MORPH_TEXTUREPARAM
  14. There should be about 3-6 lines here. Drop down each and add "art\characters\playercharacter\shared\heads\textures\" in front of each item. Be sure to save.
  15. Repeat for FACEM1
  16. Save your morph in your DA2 override
  17. MOPS

    MOPS ARE CURRENTLY BROKEN - results in goofy eye animations! In the meantime, please create MRHs and import the MRH into your save!

    Mops will work exactly the same way except you will need to drop down the MORPH_MODEL_PARAMS section and add "art\characters\playercharacter\RACEGENDER\" in front of each model it lists.

    You will also be adding this to the MORPH_PARTS section. 

    Drop down the MORPH_MAT_PARAMS and change each instance of HAIRM1 to SCALPM1

    Same for when you drop down MORPH_TEXTURES - don't forget to add "art\characters\playercharacter\shared\heads\textures\"" to the front of each texture that is listed there. Save and drop in the override. For mops, you'll need to also edit your Chargen file to make it appear in the Character Creator.

Can I create default Hawke from Inquisition with this for Dragon Age 2?

My most common request with my previous mods. And the answer is YES. Hawke preset has been made for both female and male heads. 

Will this mod replace my Dragon Age 2 heads / I put this into my DA2 override and nothing changed?

No - this is only resources - one that gets dropped into your Dragon Age Origins override and then one for your Dragon Age 2 override. It will be up to you where you would like to use the meshes! 

Why can’t I edit my head in the Dragon Age 2 character creator/Black Emporium?

Because it uses different meshes and targets and I really didn’t want to replace stuff. Sadly, editing the CC would be an involved process with the flash tools that we simply don’t have access to. You should still be able to modify things like colors in the CC though when you select your MOP. 

Some of the DAI Hairs are messed up - like they’re blocky and missing pieces.

DAO has a dumb alpha shader. It doesn’t like transparent textures on top of the same texture so when it makes a plane transparent, it makes it transparent all the way through. Trust the process on this one. 

The beards and mustaches don't line up properly

Some of them won't, I think DAI had some sort of setting for beards and mustaches that allowed for height and width adjustment. For DAO/DA2, they had to make individual beard and mustaches for with a different height and width so you will have to play around with the morph settings for heads and jaws and mouths and nose. 

Why is Sera (an elf) with human female presets?

Sera, while she is an elf, was made for a human body. It’s why she can’t wear “Elf trained” items in Inquisition. 

Why do some of the presets have such small ears?! 

This is an Inquisition thing. Chances are that the character wears a hood or helmet so what Bioware did on their morph is shrink the ears. I’ve included a second ear size slider to compensate. 

Why don’t the stubble presets look the same as DAI?

I struggled with these a bit. DAI stubble is frankly garbage. Therefore, for the stubbles, I went with the DA2 versions. I included an option for the FULL set of each of the DAI stubbles if you so choose but how you want to break that up (mustache, goatee, etc.) will be up to you and your Photoshop skills. (thanks to Ashhawk for the eyebrow/stubble chooser!) 

Will this work in Dragon Age: Origins?

No - the skeletons in Dragon Age: Origins are quite a bit different from the ones Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition so it will require some additional work to get these working in that game. We’re only using the toolset as a means to acquire an actual morph as the morph system is pretty much the same between Origins and 2.

Can I use a morph I created for Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Sadly, no. While Origins and 2s morphing system are almost identical - Inquisitions is quite the departure and Frostbyte is still rather mod unfriendly and this is one area that hasn’t been cracked. 

I really want to use [specific DA2 complexion/hair]. How can I?

For any existing DA2 complexions or hairs, they will have to be heavily modified to fit onto an Inquisition head. Any existing or custom complexions/hair for DA2 will not work properly here. 



I really like this one [insert custom Inquisition hair/complexion/eyebrows/etc] can you make it an option?

No. I don’t have permission and I really don’t want to open a can of worms.

Pretty please? With sugar on top and ice cream in the middle? You’re just so good at this…

No. And flattery doesn’t work either. 

Can you make me a morph?

What? No? I’m giving you the means to make one yourself! 

I don’t like the way you did XYZ texture…

Make your own. 

I happen to like the Dragon Age 2 heads…

Don’t download this then. Simple.

Credits (in no particular order)
(I apologize if I missed anyone - this has just been a super long project)
  • Ashhawke (fixing my norms)
  • ellia/anshela (dwarf female skeletons)
  • Padme4000 (assisting with getting the damn morph targets)
  • ThaliaGrace (morphs and morphs testing testing)
  • Khaar (I don’t know honestly. Something)