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A reskin of some armors from the item packs : warrior item pack 1 and 2 - rogue item pack 2 - mage item pack 2

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I didn't like the look of the armors proposed in the "items packs" so I decided to modify them.

The armor whose appearance has been changed are

-Beregrand's armor : warrior item pack 1
-The ashen armor : warrior item pack 2
-River Dane armor : rogue item pack 2
-Robes of the Pretender : mage item pack 2

All his armors are low level, so I wanted to keep a "low level" visual aspect.

-Beregrand's armor, is a reference to the legion of the dead in "dragon age origins" except that it's a dwarf armor, the fact that a human can wear it always made me feel weird, so I changed it to a human armor.

-Ashen armor, has a strange look, besides the fact that it seems to be simple pieces of metal held together by ropes. As soon as the helmet disappears during a conversation, it looks really horrible, so I replaced it with armor that more closely reflects the environment we are in.

-River Dane armor, The appearance can be that of an archer or a melee fighter, the outfit is made of thick and resistant leathers so I modified it to reflect its particularities and of course the blue for the reminder of the name "river".

-Robe of the Pretender, like everyone else I use a plate to eat but I don't make a belt with it ...joking aside, the dress of the mages in Dragon Age 2 have for most of them a visual aspect of a "well dressed" person, they are in town clothes or in the dress of the circle of mages, so I made sure that the reskin keeps this characteristic, half town clothes half fighter.

What it does :

The changes are only visual (see picture), the armors statistics remain the same.
All armor pieces must be the right ones, otherwise the whole reskin might not work properly.

How to intall ?

go to Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override and drop the file inside.

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