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Gives Hawke a more natural and fluid speed of movement

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Do you also have the impression that your "Hawke" moves as if someone had put a ball and chains on its feet ? 
in this case break them with this mod !

I found several mods already existing that offer an increased speed of movement but nothing that suits me, the increase in mods was too high for my taste. So I made my own parameters.

-The mod could conflict with other mods that modify Hawke when he/she is at home, as with the mod Constant vigilance 
This kind of mod can use the same line of code so I modified my mod to not affect Hawke when he/she is at home. The 2 mods are now compatible, as well as others that also modify Hawke when he/she is at home.
Only the optional file has this compatibility install one or the other according to your needs.

what it does : 

Gives a more natural animation and running speed. The augmentation is very slight, I really wanted to have something fluid and natural. If you are looking for a very large speed increase, then you might be interested in other mods.

how to install it ?

Go to Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override and drop your folder inside. 


Won't your mod make me finish the game faster ?

-No, the movement and the animation will be a little more fluid you will feel less this sensation of chains to the feet.

Can you make a mod in options with a different running speed ? 

-No, there are already several mods that do the same thing with different running speeds.

Does it conflict with other mods ?

-it will conflict with any other mods that change Hawke animation.

Can I modify the file to have something that suits me ?

-Of course.

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