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This mod gives Fenris a new look. So far there's 8 outfits and 2 face recolors, which are all edits of Ellise's beautiful textures (please check credits below).

I did these for fun and thought someone else might enjoy them, too. They're just recolors but if anything still looks weird or gives you errors please let me know.

Permissions and credits
Freedom means that you can make terrible fashion choices and no one's going to stop you.*:・゚✧



  Silver Armor, Red&Gold Fabric, Black Leather

  Gold Armor, Red&Gold Fabric, Black Leather

EMERALD DRAGON:  Silver Armor, Brown&Black Fabric, Green Leather

4. BLACK DRAGON:  Silver Armor, Brown&Black Fabric, Black Leather

5. GREEN FOREST:  Silver Armor, Brown&Green Fabric, Green Tunic, Brown Pants

6. BLUE WRAITH:  Silver Armor, Brown&White Fabric, Blue Leather, Black Details, Brown Belt

7. LUCK:
  Gold Armor, Green&White Fabric, Black Leather

8. PRIDE:  Gold Armor, PinkPurpleBlue Fabric, Black Leather, Purple Belt


TIRED (MONDAYS):  Fenris, sleep-deprived. Very him. I changed his eyes to green ones that are inspired by his vanilla eyecolor; they're bigger, too, though I have no idea if that change is noticable. Other changes: brighter markings, some contrast, eyelashes, brows (slightly).

AWAKE (FRIDAYS):  Almost the same as the Tired version, but here he gets 5-6 hours of actual sleep somedays, which makes him look a little fresher.

There's an optional version for both face edits that includes the skin tint made by NoisomeWind.
It slightly changes Fenris's skincolor but might look weird with other hairstyles for him installed. I tried one and the scalp looked a bit too pale.

NOTE: Most screenshots were made with the skin tint-version installed.



Extract .7z file, then choose ONE outfit recolor and/or ONE face recolor and put the .erf file(s) into your "override" folder.
(For me the path is: C:\Users\Name\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override)


Delete the .erf file(s) from your override folder.


Might be incompatible with:

-Fenris Lyrium Ghost Fix Ultimate
-Anto Hairs
-Also, if you choose the skin tint version, other hairstyle mods for him might look weird

-Should Fenris have an out-of-body experience in the fade (more than is appropriate, I mean literally losing his body mesh) please let me know. It seems to work fine for me, but someone mentioned an error



Unique Face Textures For Companions by Ellise
HR Fenris Armor by Ellise
Both were used for the edits. <3

Darker Fenris Morph with HD Textures and Skin Tint Map by NoisomeWind
I included the tint in the darker versions of the face edits. <3

For Images & Screenshots:

Stand Up Straight by Anaiu
Dragon Age 2 Ultimate HD by Aegrus and CommandBen
Improved Fenris Glow by zombiezer0
Fenris Blue Wraith Hair by Dalishious

Font used: Cambria Math Font

Tools used:

pyGFF by Mephales
ERF Packer by elys

Thank You!!


Alriiight. I winged this mod and had no idea what I was doing, so I'm sorry in advance if it doesn't work properly. I, uh, admit I haven't tested it much.

Oh well, time for a new playthrough. <3

Thundapple *:・゚✧