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Replaces Flemeth's appearance wholesale with one attempting to evoke her DAO look.

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This all started because of a silly little comic I found and posted on the DAO Modding Discord, credit to icpe.
A discussion started on how Flemeth's design was so drastically different and some find it too much.
So I realized… we have the tools… let's do something with them. And so I did.

This mod replaces Flemeth's humanoid appearance in the two cutscene/dialogue sequences she is a part of in DA2 with an appearance closely approximating her original DAO look.
Should be compatible with damn near everything, except of course mods that alter Flemeth's DA2 appearance (as this mod entirely circumvents her appearance parameters) or do things with her Creature (UTC) file.

To nstall, exctract the ERF file from the archive to your  DA2 Override folder. To uninstall, just delete the ERF file from this mod.

Thanks to Icpe and thatdarnowl for giving me the idea, and to IceBuckets and Ashhawk for enabling me the tools to work this to the fullest.