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new starting armor and optional face retexture for merrill

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A replacer for Merrill's starting armor and an optional face retexture for those wanting a slightly more frazzled Merrill. I tried to keep with the original theme wrt her scarf and colors but I took a lot of liberties ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Ideally would like to fix the current bugs (see Known Issues at the bottom)
Make a romance version
Make a human verison? Not a priority, though :/
I don't know. Don't ask me for anything


There are six options, both with and without scars (literally the only two differences between each file - some have arm scars, some don't). Pick the .erf of your choice and pop it into your override folder... that is all. :]

1. Original Brown Merrillish - this has a skintone from Verdical's Natural Skin and is meant to mirror her DAO appearance with a darker skintone. This version also features a new haircut and face texture for her, the former modified from Sera's hair from Inquisition (mashing it up, chopping it up, and mashing it up again to produce a sort of frayed haircut) and textures from both Ellise's Unique Complexions and calbandra's No Makeup Mod for DAI.

2. Ditto the above, but this is her vanilla skintone (e01). This one is under 'misc' files and won't see much more than bugs/QoL updates in the future.

3. A version with no .mor file for you to use w/ your own chosen mod. I recommend Original Brown Merrill. This one tints with whatever .mor file you use with it so don't worry if she has a different skintone from the original, it SHOULD tint just fine.


Ellise - Unique Face Textures for Companions (face texture and eyebrows)
calbandra - Companions No Makeup Update (i used Sera's face texture to get the makeupless look)
Verdical/honestRope - Natural Skin (open permissions; skintone used is vq_skn_m02)
idk who else. if you notice smth I forgot to credit, please lmk


There is some texture weirdness with one of her arms and some gaps I aim to fix
Some texture weirdness is going on with the skirt portion
There are some issues with transparency on parts of the skirt that shouldn't be a huge bother and I won't fix <3