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anshela and ThaliaGraces with Marcus22Khaar

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Automatically starts character generation in the transitions between Acts, so you can change your appearance with the passage of time. Also includes optional equipment swap for the start of Act 2!

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Automatic Chargen and Equip Swap

Update 10/25/21
:  Updated with a small tweak to the manifest file, and to prevent a second copy of the new Finery from appearing in your inventory if you chose Equip Swap.  No need to update really if the mod is already working for you.

What It Does
Automatically starts the chargen in the transitions between Acts, so that you can change Hawke's appearance with the passage of years.  Chargen will start between the Prologue and Act 1, between Acts 1 and 2, and between Acts 2 and 3.

Additionally, there's an option to put you into a new "Finery" outfit for the start of Act 2, when Hawke is visiting the Viscount.  (This is totally separate from your Home clothing, and will not replace it.)  If you have MotA installed, it will put you into one of the noble MotA outfits (with two fantastic retextures from ThaliaGraces).  If you don't have MotA, it will put you into normal Noble Clothing.

This is fully compatible with and was developed alongside DLC Timings.

Automatic Chargen is an addin, which means it needs to be placed in your addins folder.  That folder should be in one of the following places:

C:\...\Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age 2\addins
C:\...\Origin\Dragon Age II\addins

For Steam, it should be something like:  C:\...\steamapps\common\DragonAge 2\addins

Place the entire "automatic_chargen" folder in the addins folder.  DO NOT PLACE THE MAIN FILE IN YOUR OVERRIDE.  IT MUST GO INTO ADDINS.

The optional Equip Swap erfs can simply be tossed in your Override, but please note that they REQUIRE the main file to work.

No known incompatibilities at the moment, but it will be incompatible with any mod that changes the following files:


ThaliaGraces -- textures and testing!
Marcus22Khaar -- idea man
Automatic Item Delivery - Tutorial and Template -- patch for compiling DA2 scripts