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Gives Leandra a new look with new, unique outfits

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Leandra Hawke's Revamp

This is a revamp of Leandra, aka Mama Hawke, to give her a more unique look. Each iteration now has a new hair in Act 1 and a new, fancier style in Act 2, as well as unique commoner outfit and unique noble outfit. This also utilizes a texture from Shepshy's Serenity gowns, mesh from Skara's Gown Mesh Edits, Ellise's Unique Textures for Custom Hawke Families and hairs from my Anto's and Nightcrawler's hair mods.


There are three erfs - the meshes erf, a blue eyes erf and a brown eyes erf. You need a new game to have the new outfits (or at least not have entered your home in act 2 for the new noble gown), but I think the hair changes might work regardless if mid-act or not. You must have two erfs, either the brown or blue eyes version and the meshes version. They won't work without each other.

This requires no extra downloads, as everything is included in the erfs. Be wary that this may not be a particularly performance friendly mod (I play on potatoe, and saw no real major issues, but YMMV).

As for the eyes, the blue eyes is what Iconic Leandra has, but if you want a more lore friendly look, I like the brown eyes personally. You can alternatively use the vanilla mod by hopping over to Ellise's mod and using the erfs she's included under the article she wrote about how to change eye textures.


My permissions for the hairs remain the same, you have to ask to reuse them; the noble dress, you need Shepshy's permission, and the textures Ellise has free-for-reuse-in-DA2-with-credit perms so those are fine.

HOWEVER, the commoner dress she wears in the prologue and act 1 was made by me, and the texture was edited by a-blue-bubble. The exception is the shoes, those are from the wedding dress from DAI. To this end, you may do whatever you see fit to with the dress provided it isn't a white washing mod. This means that you may retexture, remash, mesh edit, port to other games etc - you just can't port the shoes and basebody (unless you're porting the dress to DAO, in which case go ahead). All we ask is that you credit us for the work done.


Ellise - Unique Face Textures for Companions
QuenchedSteel - Unique Complexions for Custom Families
ShepShy - Prestige Couture
Anto and Nightcrawler - The hairs used
a-blue-bubble - the texture edit to make the commoner dress look lore friendly