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Certain NPCs (currently only Donnic) will now assume m!Hawke is interested in men, and f!Hawke in women.

Permissions and credits
fixes a bug where other characters would ignore hawke's flagrant terrible flirting with characters of the same gender

FLASH UPDATE: well apparently the gay agenda this week is for all of us to fix Leandra's husband/wife lines so I've pulled that out of this mod; you should download the fantastic Leandra Dialogue Edit if you're looking for that particular tweak! :)

What It Does: Changes several lines to assume male Hawke is interested in men, and female Hawke is interested in women, instead of the other way around. Currently only affects the Hanged Man conversation with Donnic.

Lines now attributed to f!Hawke:
  • DONNIC: "Look, if this was all a plan for you to get closer to the captain, maybe you should just talk to her."
  • DONNIC: "I mean, how sad would it be if you needed a go-between? Have some backbone."
  • F!HAWKE: "He thinks I arranged this to get to you."

Lines now attributed to m!Hawke:
  • DONNIC: "Look, if this was all a plan for you to get to me through the captain, you're just not my type."
  • DONNIC: "All this playing shy business? I like a little backbone."
  • M!HAWKE: "He thinks I'm interested in him."

How to Install
: Download the file, then unzip it. Drag and drop the folder into your override folder (usually at Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override). 
To uninstall, simply remove (delete or move elsewhere) from override. :)

Troubleshooting: Unfortunately I cannot provide personal help due to bad anxiety and general incompetence, but try checking for other mods that alter The Long Road conversations (ave200_aveline_bar, ave200_donnic), as these may conflict. Otherwise, you'll likely have to seek help elsewhere. Sorry...

Updates Planned: Will update with any more same-gender changes as I come across them!
Though since I've not found any more so far, I'm gonna leave comments open just this once to take suggestions. (and memes I guess.)
If there are more I can also release an optional file that mixes and matches some of the gendered lines, if that's a thing people want. vote now on your phones

Mods Used In Screenshots

Special Thanks:
  • The DAO/2 Mod Squad, whose site I cannot possibly undersell for any prospective Dragon Age modder
  • sapphim in particular for the incredibly ambitious tutorial series to which I owe this and any future dialogue mods, Modding Dialogues Without the Toolset Editor, and for being patient with my obnoxious anonymous queries i'msosorry

Permissions: Use and redistribute this file as you please! No credit needed :)