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Small dialogue edit for Leandra in Act 2. The finding a husband/wife line will match Hawke's gender. UPDATED.

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Small dialogue edit for Leandra in Act 2.  The finding a husband/wife line will match Hawke's gender (a wife for f!Hawke, and a husband for m!Hawke)

Update:  Leandra's comment about the Reinhart's second daughter or Bran's son has also been changed to match Hawke's gender.  The lines about Orana should play only once.

I've added a file that only includes the fix for the lines about Orana.  It'll clash with the main mod, so only use one!

Unzip and throw the .erf in the override folder.

Mods in Screenshots:
Leandra is wearing Kaylawayla's Amell Noble Dress.  vaelsmod has made a standalone version for her.

Shout out to WardenAnders's Same Gender Dialogue Tweak, and Sapphim's Dialogue Mini Mods (whose Leandra edit is based on player choices), and for her fantastic dialogue modding tutorials.