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nightcrawler's sims hairs for da2

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This is a small port of some of Nightcrawler's hairs, ported with permission. I wanted to port some Sims modder hairs into da2 and Nightcrawler was one of my favs, so I reached out and asked and got okay'd for it.

These ports will not contain any hairstyles ported by others already - I believe someone else already ported at least one, and some of the hairs are already included in KS Hairs. This is just ten or so of the hairstyles to start with, though I plan on doing all of them. Currently HF only, though I hope to get some EF done soon.

Hairs are now Playable Elfs compatible!


Drop the erf and the folder containing the chargenmorph into your override. Either compile manually or with the chargen compiler.
note that if you're working in dx9 these may appear greyed out - I plan to fix that, eventually, but for now it'll have to be.

Nightcrawler for the original hairs
in this case you need permission to port the hairs, or use them in mods you upload here. Ask me first or link to the mod, pls.

proof of permission