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==Isabela's dialogue during Anders' recruitment==

In Lirene's Fereldan Imports, if Aveline is not in the party:

Lirene: You see what our people face in Kirkwall. They have no jobs, no homes. Most can barely buy bread.
Lirene: This healer, he serves them without thought for coin. He's closed their wounds, delivered their children.
Isabela: And he wants nothing in return? Suspicious.
Lirene: He's a good man. I won't lose him to the blighted templars.

In darktown, after the chantry:

Anders: To live outside the Fade, he needed a host. I offered to help him...
Anders: We were going to work together, bring justice to every child ever ripped away from his mother to be sent to the Circle.
Anders: But... I guess I had too much anger. Once he was inside me, he... changed.
Hawke (purple option): That really didn't look like a happy, benevolent spirit from where I was standing.
Anders: Since when is justice happy? Justice is righteous. Justice is hard.
Isabela: (Snickers)
Anders: :|