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Recruit Isabela earlier!

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Isabela ASAP

What it does:

  • Isabela will appear in the Hanged Man at the start of Act I, and can be recruited before Anders.

More details:

  • Isabela, once recruited, can be taken on Anders' recruitment quest and has a little bit of content.
    • One comment will play at Lirene's Fereldan Imports if Aveline is not also in the party.
    • Another comment will play if Hawke takes the "He didn't look too friendly" purple dialogue option in the conversation with Anders after leaving the Chantry.
    • Full dialogue excerpts can be found in the Docs tab.
  • Isabela's Fools Rush In quest and Anders' Tranquility quest can be active at the same time and will not conflict with each other. The Chantry is instanced separately for both quests, so you can go in to complete one, then return to the Chantry exterior to complete the second.

Files modified:

  • dae111ar_tavern.ncs
  • dae111ar_tavern_nt.ncs


  • Unzip and place .erf in packages\core\override, delete to uninstall.
  • Can be installed or uninstalled at any point.