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Edits of the Eyeball texture From Ellise's Unique Face Textures for Companions to make them whiter and less realistic

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These are edits of the eyeball texture From Ellise's Unique Face Textures for Companions

I like these eye textures a lot as they have so much colour, but personally I prefer a cartoonier look. So I made the eye textures less shadowed and realistic.

I can't really test this version, which includes the Hawke family. But I used an older version on my own game (which I also uploaded in older files) and it worked fine. So let me know if it doesn't.
This only edits the eyeball textures, as of 1.1 it does not contain any other textures or morphs. So the original Ellise morphs and files are a requirement.

I uploaded my .TGA file too in case you want to make your own edits.

How to Install
Extract the folder and put it in your override.
Make sure it sits alphabetically underneath your Ellise textures ERFs folders, or any other ERF that contains those textures.
If you want it to affect only some of the characters, do some renaming of folders so the original Ellise ERF folders you want to keep load alphabetically after this mod.