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Armor and weapons once owned by the notorious and dashing Orlesian rogue known as the Black Fox. UDK compatible.

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Armor and weapons once owned by the notorious and dashing Orlesian rogue known as the Black Fox. UDK compatible. (Previously called "Leliana Item Set").

Recent News
09-AUG-2010: Released v2.1. Requires DAO v1.04! Fixed quiver bug introduced in DAO v1.04 and added items to Lem.
05-JUL-2010: Released v2.0. Added male variants and UDK support. Renamed to Armor of the Black Fox. Major overhaul of just about everything. Read the upgrading section before installing if you are upgrading from an older version.

The Armor of the Black Fox is a set of light armor and weapons for rogues (all races/genders). All of the items support the Universal Dye Kit to allow for customization of the colors. If you want the exact colors shown in the title screen (black leather/red cloth) then download the UDK and use the default custom "user1" dye.

The armor and weapons have tier 7 base stats (tier 9 in Awakening) along with the following properties:

The Fox's Arc: longbow
+3 dmg, rapid aim, +10% range crit

The Fox's Wit: dagger (1H)
+2 dmg, +1 stam regen, interrupts casting

The Fox's Betrayal: dagger (1H)
+2 dmg, +5% melee crit, +25% crit/back dmg

The Fox's Chain: light armor chest
+4 dex, +4 cun, +2 stam regen, +15 phys resist

The Fox's Boots: light armor boots
+2 cun, improved trap detection, +15% dodge

The Fox's Gloves: light armor gloves
+2 dex, +2 armor pen, reduces hostility

Armor of the Black Fox set bonus: +3 dex, +3 cun

In addition to these named pieces, scaled "generic" items have been added using the same custom artwork. These items do not have the bonus properties, and are named "Orlesian X".

The latest version (v2.1) requires DAO v1.04!

Released as a standard .dazip file. Use daupdater.exe, DAModder, DAO-Modmanager, or your .dazip tool of choice to install this mod.

The new armor and weapons will be added to Bodahn's store inventory on your first trip back to the party camp (except for the very first visit in the game, after the first archdemon cutscene; you must leave and return to the camp in that case). In Awakening the unique items will be added to your personal chest in Vigil's Keep, and the generic items will be added to Yuriah's store inventory. The names to look for are "The Fox's [X]" for the unique items and "Orlesian [X]" for the basic items.

If for any reason the items do not show up on the merchants, or you want multiple copies, you can run a console script command to have the items placed directly in your inventory. This option of course requires that you have enabled the Developer Console.

runscript nez_abf give req_item #

Replace "req_item" with one of: set, genset, chest, genchest, boots, genboots, gloves, gengloves, bow, genbow, honor, scorn, gendagger, or quiver. If you want more than 1 copy, replace "#" with the number of items you want; otherwise just leave that part out.

The latest version (v2.1) requires DAO v1.04!

This mod listens to (but does not override) EVENT_TYPE_EQUIP and EVENT_TYPE_UNEQUIP using the Event Manager mod. It will conflict with other mods that hook these events that do NOT use the Event Manager.

- - - - - - - -
This mod is compatible with Awakening. The generic items can be purchased from Yuriah at Vigil's Keep and the unique items will be waiting in your personal chest. Items "on your person" will not import into Awakening.

Leliana's Song
- - - - - - - -
This mod is compatible with Leliana's Song. The items can be purchased from Lem the very first time you encounter him (at the end of the market area). It's a bit tight but you should be able to afford everything by this point.

Light Armor Mods
- - - - - - - -
This mod uses the default light armor mesh. Mods that modify the light armor mesh MAY cause conflicts, depending on the nature of the modification. The following light armor body shape mods are known to work fine with this mod:
* Improved Light Armor
* Curvaceous Attire
* More Curves

A Little Leg
- - - - - - - -
If you are using the A Little Leg mod, be sure to download the Leliana Item Set compatibility patch provided by its author. You must also then rename the files in that patch from "pf_nez_chsa" to "pf_nez_chbf". Note that this will probably change the tinting/dye behavior somewhat when using UDK.

from v2.0 to v2.1: requires DAO v1.04

from v1.x (Leliana Item Set) to v2.0:

Because of the number of changes made, there is no direct upgrade path from v1.x to v2.0. You should sell off all of the items you purchased in Leliana Item Set (for the gold). Save the game to a new save, then exit and uninstall the Leliana Item Set mod. Force-load the saved game you just made, then save it AGAIN to a clean save. Now exit and install the Armor of the Black Fox mod, and load with the clean save.

The major changes to be aware of:
* all items have been switched to "normal" materials, so attribute requirements and vendor costs have changed
* dyes have been removed in favor of support for the UDK; the default "custom 1" tint from that mod will produce the same black/red look as seen in previous versions

You can read the detailed change log at the bottom to see everything that was modified.

The custom quiver is separate from the custom bows. Bodahn and Yuriah have an item named "Orlesian Quiver" which shows up as ammo. They have a stack of these, but you should only buy 1, as it is an infinite standard ammo type just like the default ammo.

With just the custom bows equipped, you will see the default (vanilla) quiver art. Equipping the Orlesian Quiver ammo will show the custom quiver art, so you can use any bow you want with this custom quiver art.

To convert special arrows to the custom quiver, first equip the "Orlesian Quiver". Then equip the special arrows while the quiver is equipped; the quiver ammo item will be pushed to inventory as expected, and the special arrows being equipped will be converted to the custom quiver. This conversion will also happen if you equip special arrows over top of already-converted special arrows, for convenience (i.e. if you are swapping from one special ammo type to a different type).

When you run out of special ammo, the quiver item will be re-equipped automatically (or a new one created out of thin air and equipped, if the original is no longer in inventory for whatever reason). In short, you should never notice a difference from the normal ammo behaviors.

If you DON'T want your special arrows converted, be sure to UNEQUIP the Orlesian Quiver (or any converted special arrows), then LEAVE THE EQUIP SCREEN. If you simply unequip the quiver and then equip special arrows without leaving the equip screen, it will still get converted. After leaving and re-entering the equip screen you can then equip special arrows normally without them being converted.

There is no longer a method to un-convert converted special arrows. This loss is offset by the fact that initially converting them is a more deliberate process.

If you want to use the quiver on multiple people, be sure to buy only one at a time. Since they are ammo items they stack in inventory like ammo and equipping them to a person will equip all of them at once. You have to buy one, equip it to someone, buy another one, equip it to the next person, etc.

Release History
- fixed quiver bug caused by EVENT_TYPE_UNEQUIP behavior changes in DAO v1.04
- added items to Lem's inventory

- renamed to Armor of the Black Fox
- updated all item names and flavor text to be more "unisex" and uniform
- added meshes and textures for males, all races
- added full tint maps for UDK support
- removed dye items and related code
- changed all items to standard material types
- added item "upgrading" for Awakening
- added rune slots to the chest for Awakening
- unique items no longer import directly into Awakening
- unique items now spawn in the personal chest instead of on Yuriah

- updated PRCSCR to add items to Yuriah at Vigil's Keep
- fixed a bug that caused the quiver not to be dyed if it was not actively equipped (swapped weapon set)
- added a few more french strings

- added dwarf female mmh/phy files
- fixed a bug in the quiver code to avoid mod conflicts and issues with fresh (non-upgrade) installs

- changed scripts to live in core game resources
- changed module to extend core game instead of single player
- removed module script
- changed dye items to amulets that now apply their color on equip; re-stocked Bodahn with new copies of these items
- added French talk tables

- changed low level items' default color to red
- normalized material names, sort of
- added dyes for customizable tinting
- removed custom bow forcing custom quiver art
- added orlesian quiver item; infinite standard ammo with custom quiver art (via hooking EVENT_TYPE_UNEQUIP)
- added elf female mmh/phy files

- added EVENT_TYPE_EQUIP handler and custom arrow types to fix custom quiver not showing with special ammo
- reduced set bonus to +3 from +4
- updated console script commands to a dispatcher

- modified armor and weapon stats; more cunning, less dexterity, overall slightly less overpowered
- added tinting to cloth on chest, gloves, bow, and daggers
- reduced dagger size slightly
- adjusted dagger colors to be a little less garish
- new DDS workflow means better overall texture quality/reduced artifacts, for the same size textures
- added "Orlesian" versions of the items which have minimal bonus stats, in two tiers (3 & 7)

- initial release