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  1. nomad805
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    Just a heads up for everyone getting crashes exiting the chantry,i found out this was the culprit after trial and error,so turn it off while you're in the area.
  2. GoldenEagle0815
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    does this mod only work on a new game I installed it but it doesn't seem to work do I need top start over for it to take effect?
  3. ArkanoCD
    • member
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    Does someone know if there is a way to adapt this mod (or create a new one) to summon another character? I mean this: have the standard party of 4 (MC + 3 companions) but add another, via summoning (e.g. Sten, Wynne, Shale) just like you can summon Dog with this mod.

    In the download section there is the source code, but I'm not a programmer.

    Could there be an "Extra Companion Slot" mod?
  4. DiegoReyes1995
    • member
    • 47 posts
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    This mod is good but have two major bugs.
    * The first bug happens in Fort Drakon, there you have to chose two of your party members to infiltrate the fort. However, the mod will cause the second party member to not appear not matter what you do.

    * The second bug happens in the Landsmeet where the fifth companion (Dog) will remove one your party members. 
  5. NachHatesEveryone
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    Omg, this mod screams "must-have" but with all the problems mentioned in the forum I'm a little uneasy because I don't want to mess up my current playthrough :(, it's a shame that the mod is so old and it didn't age too well, but i guess it is what it is.
  6. Veinmire
    • premium
    • 92 posts
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    To be perfectly honest this mod works fairly well. Though a patch would be nice, I imagine there's a reason there isn't one.

    Two types of people I wouldn't recommend it to:
    1. First time players who won't know how to recognise if something goes wrong. It has a fair amount "little niggle" bugs that 99 percent of the time won't BREAK the game but may result in some (mostly minor, dialogue mismatching etc.) oddities. 
    2: People who just want their game to "Work" and are simply not interested in the slight possibility of having to reload to use the dog whistle before a potential problem (I still think it's worth it but that's very subjective).

    One tip: if the party picker menu ever gets stuck just click on and off the dog and it'll free things up again.

    *Mild suggestive spoilers below*

    I intend to post a fuller list one day but for now suffice it to say the only thing this mod has ever actually broken for me is the Fort Drakon prison rescue segment. Let me be very clear, with this section it is completely and utterly incompatible no matter what; only the complete disabling of this mod will help. It causes mess up after mess up when it comes to how the game "matches" companions to come and rescue you. This has been tested with and without Qwinn's fix pack.

    The epilogue battle can also result in the dog being unselectable after the first skirmish with your allies at the gate, a potential workaround may be to use the whistle before it switches over to their perspective, though I have not yet tested this. 

    I also suggest using the dog whistle before entering Denerim to face Loghain, as that forces the games party selection to ensure Alistair is present. To be perfectly honest, things like this won't always break it, but sometimes things just go weird. Better to stay on the safe side.
  7. Varalyon
    • supporter
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    is the dog supposed to have the warrior talents because i only have the ones from this mod and i don't think i have any other mod that would conflict with this one and im stuck with having talent points with nothing to spend them on
    1. spottedkomodo
      • member
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      This mod does not provide your dog with any extra talents, ie it's still the vanilla dog with vanilla talents.

      If you do want extra talents for your dog use this:
      Extended Dog Talents
  8. Haszry
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    This would be an amazing mod if it wasn't for all the bugs... but tbh all the extra dialogues and everything isnt that much so its not worth it....
  9. Gohan0104
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    I encountered a bit of a bug where if you take the Dog into a fight and he goes down, he's perma-dead. Had it happen to me against Flemeth and the Broodmother. Might just be me, but since I knew that ahead of time, I just removed him from the team before those fights.

    To elaborate, his portrait frame would still be next to mine, but empty, even after dismissing him and summoning him again. He would also spawn dead in the camp like a regular mob (even had the loot sparkle on him, but I couldn't interact at all).
    1. Alphacruxer
      • member
      • 8 posts
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      First off, my sincere thanks to the creator of this mod. It works great.

      That said, I have run into the same problem as the person above. Luckily, I save before each fight, so if my dog dies, I just reload and do the fight a little differently (while focusing on keeping the mutt alive).I hope this can be fixed in the future. I am using this mod along with the Ultimate bugfix mod, lich specialization mod, elven boots fix mod, and fox armour mod. Not sure, if this bug is a result of its interactions with other mods. And I bought the Ultimate edition of DAO from EA's Origin. 
  10. Gaazhagens
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    Is this mod still working for the Ultimate Edition? The most recent page of comments seems to be full of descriptions of bugs. It looks like such a great mod, but I wonder if it's too old and buggy now?

    EDIT: I uninstalled it when I got to the Broken Circle quest in my current playthrough, and the dog was still there after saving, exiting, and reloading the game. I went back to the Lake area where you can change companions and rearranged the dog as a proper fourth companion there before saving and exiting out of the game again. When I reloaded, the little summon avatar was still there next to my Warden, and when I replaced the dog with another companion, the avatar slot went blank but stayed there next to my Warden's avatar. The dog isn't there anymore, but the avatar slot remains. Does anyone know how to remove it or is it going to be there permanently now, even with the mod uninstalled?
    1. theskymoves
      • member
      • 2,324 posts
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      EDS works fine with the Ultimate Edition, but it has also always been buggy, especially when it is installed during portions of the game where characters are force-removed, via scripting, from the party (such as the Broken Circle quest).

      Try this:
      Reinstall the mod.
      Summon Dog as extra party member.
      Dismiss the summoned Dog.
      Swap out all your party members, and assemble a complete party that does not include Dog.
      Save the game in a new slot. Call it something like 'No Dog'.
      Uninstall the mod. (Note: Depending on how you install and uninstall DAzip mods, you may need to remove some files manually. The files/folders that need removal for the mod to be completely uninstalled are Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns\Extra_Dog_Slot and Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\data\Extra_Dog_Slot_package.erf)
      Now load that last 'No Dog' save. You should be given a warning that EDS is missing. Ignore the warning and continue to load.
      Go to party camp. Is Dog there, alive? If so, your save should be okay. If Dog is not in camp, is dead, or you still have the summons avatar frame appearing next to the Warden portrait, you may need to roll back to a save from prior to Broken Circle to successfully remove the mod.