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Direct from Orzammar! You won't find better.

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Replacements for many dwarven props and placeables, using the Inquisition versions.  Also a few non-dwarven replacements (mostly some mage relics and other things you find in ruins). 

The mod is divided into independent subfolders, so you can easily remove any you don't want. 

Recommended to go alongside the Unofficial Remaster or some other retexture/replacements, because these definitely stand out from the vanilla textures.
(things aren't as dark as in the pics; my computer just takes crappy screenshots)

Update:  used the wrong model for a lyrium basket.  Mostly not noticeable, except in Kal'Hirol where Anders will discuss lyrium that isn't visible, because the lid is on that basket.  :p

If you haven't used the 4GB Patch or made the game Large Address Aware, you really should.  Otherwise, this mod (or any large remodel/retexture) has the potential to slow down older computers, and/or cause the cycling textures glitch. 

Known issue (slight):  I didn't remake the lighting maps, so the new props will not have baked lighting like the default props.  They also don't always line up exactly with the baked shadows, but it's generally not really noticeable unless you're looking for it.  ;)

Conflicts:  Should play nicely alongside retextures, but will conflict with other mods that alter the same models.  Either use alphanumeric ordering to give one mod priority over the other (B overrides A), or use the Duplicate Search Tool to find and delete conflicting files.

Optional:  I forgot that Iron Ore is a crystal in Awakening.  Use this folder to make sure it instead uses the iron ore model from DAI.  Intended for use with Herbs and Ores, but can be used without. 

Screenshots taken using Flycam.