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Nothing that hasn't been done before, but tweaked for my own preference and compatibility with Dain's Fixes.

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The tweaks can be used seperately. I might add more, if I ever feel the need.

--- Increased Enemy Difficulty ---

  • Non-boss enemies ("trash mobs") are stronger, relatively speaking
  • Enemies have ~50% more health (applies more to lower ranked enemies, less to boss enemies)
  • The player takes ~10% more damage (again, applies more to the lower ranks)
This is similar to the changes from Combat Tweaks, but I didn't like some of their adjustments so I made my own. Overall, this makes fights harder.

File changed: (in creatureranks) autoscale.GDA

--- Tweaked Bows and Crossbows ---

This is a general buff to ranged weapons (I always found them to be underpowered throughout the game) and an attempt to make all sorts viable by changing their scaling, Crit-Chances and range values.

Crossbows have their use now...
  • They properly scale with Dexterity now and still require Strength to be used
  • Optimal range is between Shortbows and Longbows ... It didn't make sense to me that their optimal range was higher than that of Longbows
  • Low-Level Crossbows are very strong options for Dexterity - Builds
  • High-Level Crossbows (requiring lots of Strength) are decent secondary weapons for Warriors now

Shortbows are for Dex-Builds...
  • They scale purely with Dexterity now (like Crossbows, but they don't require Strength)
  • Lowest optimal range, but highest Critical Chance (reasonable increase)
  • Recommended for pure Dexterity - Builds

Longbows are for strongmen...
  • Now they are the only ranged weapons that scale with Dexterity and Strength
  • Highest optimal range, so they are the best for sniping - as we all know is the historically correct option
  • Recommended for builds with some Strength or Lethality-Rogues

(Note that the Attribute Modifier of the weapons still says "Strength Modifier" - it might be able to change this, but it's just a visual thing)

Again, Combat Tweaks has a somewhat similar solution. But they are conflicting with Dain's Fixes and went a bit too far in my opinion. I tried to keep the changes to a minimum by only changing "Crit-Chance", "Optimal Range" and "Attribute-Mods".

File changed: (in BITM_base) itemstats.GDA

--- Install ---

Put somewhere into /override/ ...

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