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A new custom Wynne morph based on her concept art.

Permissions and credits
I saw some Wynne concept art and immediately knew I wanted her to look like that in my game. Poked around Nexus to see what Wynne overhauls were available, decided I didn't quite vibe with any of em, so figured I'd just take the dive into Toolset and make my own.

Essentially, I wanted to give her the sort of "matriarch" look she has in her concept art -- aged but still dignified, elegant, and capable of kicking your ass without getting a single hair out of place. Hopefully I achieved that.

-- Requirements --
Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors (pt_skn_c01) + (pt_har_gy3)
Dragon Age Origins Unofficial Remaster (t1_mul_br3) + (t1_stb_blk)
New Textures by MissB (uh_hed_mb_makeup01_0d)
Pretty Skins (uh_hed_masa_ct_0d)
Alternative Default Eyes - Version B Uncompressed (t3_eye_gry)
Additional Hairs for DA by boodrl (hf_har_hair6_0)
Calpernia Circlet

-- Installation --
After installing the requirements, extract them and this mod your game's Override folder (Documents>BioWare>Dragon Age>packages>core>override).

-- Uninstallation --
Delete the Wynne Redone folder from your Override.

The Unofficial Remaster has a folder called "Proportions Fix", which tends to overwrite nude body mods (ex, Natural Bodies). Just delete that folder and you'll get your nude bodies back.

This is my first ever mod so be gentle, but do let me know if there are any major bugs or issues! Happy modding folks