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Changes the standard plain red, green and blue rug textures to something much more interesting.

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This mod has been superseded by More Fancier Rugs - I recommend using it instead


I thought the standard red, green and blue rugs in the game could do with an upgrade - I went for somewhat period appropriate textures sticking to the intended colour themes, with the idea of old tapestry and velvet in mind. These are obviously subjective choices - please feel free to incorporate them into your game if you like my ideas. 

I tried to make these modular: I kept the original rug base game rug borders texture file, which is a common file to all 3 rugs, more or less the same (slight tweaks) so that If you only want to 1 or 2 of my choices, then you should be able to delete the subfolders of the ones you don't want in order to revert to a base game appearance - hopefully that works!


To install simply place the extracted folder into your override folder, making sure it follows last alphabetically in case you have other retexture mods which alter the same textures - if you are uncertain rename the folder by placing a "z" in front of the name. To uninstall, simply delete the folder from your override directory.

If you do not want to use one of the rugs, then just delete the appropriate subfolder i.e. "Red Rug", "Blue Rug" or "Green Rug".

I have added a second optional file for the green rug only. It still requires the main file to be installed and then the "Green Rug" subfolder to be replaced with the one in the optional files tab. I can't decide which I prefer - the other 2 I was very pleased with, whereas the green one went through a few iterations. 


V1.1 is a replacement of V1.0 which had a bug. I incorrectly named the green rug in the "Green Rug" subfolder - it should be called "prp_ruggreen_d.dds" NOT "prp_rugblue_d.dds". If you have V1.0 - you can just rename the file yourself or replace the file with V1.1.


I think the assets I used were from the base game but they may have been upscaled by NewActionPotential for AP Neural Enhanced Textures mod - if that is the case, thank you very much! If I'm mistaken or you know where the base textures come from, then please let me know so I can give the credit where it is due.