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Retexture of mabari to make it look less derpy and more like an actual war hound.

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This is my first mod ever so feedback is more than appreciated.

If you have suggestions on other recolors let me know, I may play with this mod a little more. 

This mod is for all of you who cringe a little bit every time you talk to Cullen in Trespasser DLC and his mabari looks at you with those souleating eyes. I also tried several recolors so you can customize your mabari looks if you don't like the vanilla colors. 

Head retexture is present in all color variants and includes:
  •  darkened skin on lips, nose and eyelids
  •  darker fur near nose to make it look more natural
  •  darker eyes with bigger irises

Current recolors (INSTALL ONLY ONE):
  • Grey and white (like vanilla)
  • Brown and white
  • Black and white
  • Pure grey
  • Pure brown
  • Pure black
  • Pure white
  • Barkspawn (inspired by the Dog in DA:O, brown fur with darker mask and paws)

This mod will affect all mabari in game (except the armored ones I think). 

Install with DAI Mod Manager 

Known issues:
This mod may  cause infinity loading screen in the game during Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts - it didn't happen to my playthrough but I got noticed that some players can have this problem. To be safe you can install this mod only for Trespasser.

Happy modding!