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LOD2 for the beard of Schwarzalbenheim dwarf male mod

Permissions and credits
This adds LOD2 to the 38 beards from the dwarf male beard mod Schwarzalbenheim, by Amensign.  These are renamed and combined vanilla LODS, so they won't look the same as the LOD0 beards. I figured it's less immersion breaking than the alternative, which is that they generally float off the head from a distance.

Also available is a fix for dm_brd_dam5_0 so it tints properly and does not have a white section. This will not work paired with a modded hair that has an accessory attached(for example, like these), but very few of those types of hair exist for DM anyway.

I didn't make lods for the hair parts of the mod, partially because they are not named to accept a LOD2, but also because there are a lot of them and I don't use them.

How to Install
Download Schwarzalbenheim.
Unzip and put the folder in your Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override.
These don't have to be in the same folder to work, they just need to be in your override.

For the dm_brd_dam5_0 fix, overwrite the original mmh file with the new one.

If the beards are not showing up in the dwarf male character creator, it is not this mod's fault. Run the chargenmorph merger, or use the chargenmorph generator.  You cannot have more than one chargenmorph in your override or some things won't show up.

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