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Expanded Dialogue and Approval System: additions, fixes, restorations and changes, and introducing Personalities. More reactions to your responses while still remaining cannon believable.

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Requires: A RAR file extractor.

Place "Dialogue and Approval System Overhaul"  and/or "Values for Approval (Optional)" folder(s) in: 

Folders in Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

Wanting to fast track approval? Wish to counter disapproval without breaking your Warden's character or relying solely on gifts? Or simply want to have approval/disapproval drama? Keep companions still cannon-ish with this multifaceted dialogue and approval system mod. It does focus more on the romantic interest companions, but mostly due to the setup of the existing dialogue. Edits to the actual original dialogue tries to have minimal interference to minimize issues. Eventually, I hope this is used to replace the gift system besides the plot gifts, as a playstyle option.

Added, fixed and edited responses, as well as added conditional Personalities (in some cases to help restore extra dialogue without removing the standard dialogue), some responses cloned and split (or split and one edited) for conditional situations (in some cases to allow if certain followers are in party they gain or lose approval, but if not in party will use a default). Aimed for a more compassionate, bold and/or violent Warden. A more compassionate tangent dialogue for Alistair (mostly), Leliana and Wynne, and a more bold or violent tangent for Morrigan (mostly), Sten and Zevran. Also, includes less derp responses (like "What?! Who-- Wha--" ) and more attribute, skill or personality options/responses.

There is basically three types dialogue: companions' main dialogues (which at this time is only Alistair/Morrigan focused), plot/location dialogues (which at this time is only Alistair/Morrigan/Leliana/Zevran focused with custom results) and plot/location dialogues with a generic Personality Approval template with always the same approval results. There are some extras in the companion main dialogues as well so check out before you decide what to keep or delete.

Main File
See this article for the detailed notes and indexing of this mod.

Optional Files
You can only pick one, they will all be in the download; so you have to remove the ones you don't want. Can be standalone.

Equal Approval/Disapproval 

This optional file sets all approval values to the same values as disapproval but—of course—as positive numbers (135101520). For those who just like equal values and a slight approval bump.

Kneejerk Disapproval 
This optional file sets higher disapproval values (-5, -10, -15, -20, -25, -30). This is for players who tend to over please their companions and need more of a disapproval hit when they do disapprove.

Manipulator Approval/Disapproval
This optional file basically reverses the current approval/disapproval value set up (1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 and -1-2-4-7-12, -20). This is for fast tracking approval.

Master Manipulator Approval/Disapproval
This optional file sets higher approval values (3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25) and lessens disapproval values (-1, -2, -4, -7, -12, -20). This is for even faster fast tracking approval.


Dialogue mods do work asap, after placed in folder. So you can use mid game, aka anytime. If you already some or lots of dialogue editing/tweaking mods, added cutscene mods, etc. Then, yes, there is most likely to be a conflict issue. Feel free to pick and choose files that do not conflict (but please do not ask me to check for you). I will have detailed notes on what I edited, added, etc. and which dialogue file it is tied to—for you to sort out—if you want to.

This mod has a lot of edits, additions, fixes, restorations and complexity to the dialogues, including it's plot and scripting section, so there may be typos, wrong selections or lines missing. I have tested intermittently various threads, but not everyone; since gender, active romance, class, etc. can each provide their own threads. Hence, the reason this is set as a beta. Feedback will be required for fixes and updates to improve the mod. But I have provided detailed changes in this article if you want to track or overview the approval changes. Don't think I took this mod lightly, extensive hours/days/weeks/months were put in, but if there is lack of interest and feedback; it might force me to shelve the beta and use only for personal l use.

There is probably more attention to mages and females, but mostly just because it is what I am most familiar with. At this time since this considered a beta version the mod currently only includes: Mage, Human Noble, City Elf and (as of Beta-v2) Dalsih Elf Origins, Prelude, Lothering, Broken Circle, and some Redcliffe Village/Denerim Market/Landsmeet, as well as some Alistair and Morrigan main dialogues. The scope of this mod may be widened in time depending on how well this mod is received. I just need to test the waters with other player testing first.

Lastly, if you are going to give input on new/extra roleplay lines be sure to reference the line/thread it stems from, follower, location and if applicable personality type. Keep in mind there is limited looping options; so make sure it can be replied to with the same usually replies. I may not take all suggestions, or I may put my own twist on it to help/make it match the flow of the thread(s). Also, since this mod is incomplete, don't overload with suggestions on areas/npcs, I haven't gotten to yet. I want to get what I have worked on complete/fixed/filled before moving on to more content.

Also note, that some lines are repeated/looped/linked so even if a thread isn't fully shown if the same response is listed hear it should have the same approval/disproval results.

Delete said files.