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Currently personalizing and customizing my DAO game, any mods I think others may enjoy I am uploading to Nexus. I am however, a mod novice, I just started (downloaded toolset) mid Feb/2022. My goal basically making a Melee Warlock Class (one way or another), minimizing in-game pet peeves and adding more exciting gear.


Note I intend to have all my mods either compatible or with optional file switch outs.


About my Mods and why I make them this way (feel free to skip, it is a bit of a personal manifesto XP):


I have played countless times modless/exploitless on normal/hard (sometimes nightmare) or just hard with very few upgrades on my main and even less on my companions. I needed something down the middle of vanilla and a DLC+ gameplay. Some items I make are more or less DLC equivalent. Cunning stacking items I feel are a benign stat upgrade and to many a wasted stat to put points into anyways especially as non-rogues, but since I have mods that add more skills, having to put less points into cunning skills (coercion, stealing, and with my mods lockpicking and stealth included) and just use a cunning stacked item instead, and don't think it is too unbalanced.


In combination with each other, there may be eventual noticeable unbalance with my mods. Which is why I am creating a Nightmare+ mod to go with multiple mods that lean to unbalanced play. My mods, at least in combination, are for an alternate Dragon Age Origins experience, which includes some overhauls but I hope many of you will agree it will be between fair and balanced to slightly unbalanced like DLC content.


The experience I hope to achieve, is a game that when set on Nightmare (with my Nightmare+ mod and whatever cherry picking of mods one uses), the player can play (more or less) a 1-2 party game (setting forced party members to cautious with all combat tactics disabled) without a healer needed or non stop poultice popping, with a challenging but not maddening difficulty. Or a more casual (yet not too easy) Nightmare mode with a full party. And the gains will be unique and fun builds and upgrades outside of the vanilla game. 


I hope you will enjoy as much as I have so far!


My current Melee Warlock project resources (aka I use these together and is a running list):



In progress and/or Currently Testing mods:


  • Raising Difficulty with a Nightmare+, with better gear and upgrades needs the game to balance out with harder to kill enemies. 

My favourite mods made by others:



My favourite ambiance/window-dressing mods made by others:


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Best Tutorial to add Awakening's Resources to Toolset/Game, requires Awakening:




Hollowness from Dragon Age Wiki


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