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Warden stuff for your companions when they complete the Joining, from Grey Wardens of Ferelden or Thedosian Grey Wardens.

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While looking through my fave classic mods, I noticed that in Grey Wardens of Ferelden you're supposed to get equipment for all your companions when they complete their Joinings.  To quote: 
5. Everytime you undergo the joining, both in the Origins main storyline and during your companion's joining in Awakening. You will obtain these armors based on the classes of the one undertaking the joining automatically to your inventory. You need to equip them manually, though.
I realized my companions never did, to my best recollection.  After looking through for potential conflicts and not finding any, I then opened up the relevant files.  In the GWoF plot files there are references to a rewards extension that doesn't seem to exist, so I made one.  

The original GWoF called for rewards by class; I've also included alternate files to give rewards based on personal preference (sword & shield for Loghain, greatsword for Oghren, sword & dagger for Sigrun, and bow for Nathaniel).

The game will auto-scale all the weapons and armors when you receive them, except staves (because of an oversight in the game's scaling script).  For those, I recommend the Magic Box (Origins only) or a scaling console command (like this one).  ;)

Requires GWoF or Thedosian Grey Wardens.  Install your chosen version in your game's override folder.