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A script to scale your equipment to your level, and also some scalable versions of unique items.

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Anyone else get tired of constantly buying/selling to Mikhail or Herren?  Yeah. 
The Magic Box is great (and I highly recommend it), but it's only available in the main campaign. :,(

Use one of these runscripts, and your equipment will scale to your level like magic. 
Should work in Origins and all the DLC, and with any scalable item, modded or vanilla.
(non-scalable items include mage robes, and many unique or rare items, unfortunately)

Items will only scale up, not down. 

scale_inventory - scales all scalable items in your backpack and equipped on current party members. When in camp, will only scale backpack items and the PC's equipment. 

scale_equipped - scales all scalable items equipped to current party members. 

scale_backpack - scales all scalable items in the backpack, and only in the backpack.

scale_item "item name" - scales item(s) with the matching name (no quotes).  Item must be in the backpack, and the name must match exactly, except capitalization.  If multiple items have the same name, all will be scaled, if possible, whether stacked or not. 
I have no idea how/if this will work in non-English versions of the game. 

Only the .ncs file(s) need to go into the override; the .nss is just included for the curious. 

For now, it only works on items in the backpack and equipped on the player.  So, you gotta strip everyone else first.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Once I figure out how to get it to properly cycle through the other party members' equipped items, I will update.
 The solution was stupidly easy. Don't script while sleepy, kids!
It also doesn't like items with runes; they will be unaffected. So, you have to remove runes, run the script, then reapply the runes.
There doesn't seem to be any way to fix this. :/

more info--
The internal script that this is based on (used by the game to scale store inventory to player level) relies partially on a random number generator. I found that especially at lower levels, "scaled" items would occasionally be TOO big for my party. :/
I didn't like that, so I fixed equipment tier to player level, based on conservative averages of the original script's ranges. (over-levelled equipment is still possible, though, so saving before use isn't a bad idea)
The original script also excludes staves !!$%#&*@#$!  This script doesn't. :D

Level 1-3: tier 1
Level 4-6: tier 2
Level 7-9: tier 3
Level 10-12: tier 4
Level 13-15: tier 5
Level 16-18: tier 6
Level 19-22: tier 7
Level 23-26: tier 7 in Origins; tier 8 with Awakening in the OC and in post DLCs (level cap is 25 in Origins; 35 in Awakening et al.)
Level 27+: tier 9

Optional files--
Scalable versions of some unique equipment (that I haven't already found done by other modders).