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Adds DA2 style elf outfits to the elf children.

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This swaps all or most of the elf children into city elf clothing so they can match their parents, if you have Elves of Ferelden or any of the mods containing it.

The dalish elf children will wear greens and browns, the city elf children will have a wider range of colours like pink and orange.
This does not alter the mage elf children in the circle, you need to download a mod like Better Ferelden Kids for that.

Also included is a bugfix for the child in the Braecilian Forest- the toolset states he is an elf and he speaks in elven, so I have given him a unique outfit and an elf headmorph. If you don't want that part of the mod, just delete the 'Elven Ruins Bugfix' folder.

How to Install

Download, unzip and place folder into your My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder.
Having your .exe 4GB patched would be a good idea, as always.

While normally UTC mods cannot be added in the middle of a playthrough or they won't work, children run on a different inventory system than adults. So you can safely add or delete this anytime by removing the folder.

Uses apr_base variation lines 30002- 30014 and 34500 - 34501
Will conflict with any mod that redresses the elf kids. Delete any files named the same.