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Adds scaled clothes models to fit kids, including commoner and noble clothes, mage robes, and medium armour. A resource pack for modders.

Permissions and credits
This modder's resource pack contains scaled clothing models for kids, who only have 2 outfits in the vanilla game (one boy, one girl). This mod adds the following:

  • All commoner clothes - 11 outfits for boys, 10 outfits for girls
  • All noble clothes - 4 outfits for boys, 5 outfits for girls
  • Apprentice robes - 2 outfits for boys, 2 outfits for girls
  • All medium armour sets - 4 unisex chest/gloves/boots outfits
  • Chantry/misc robes - 1 unisex outfit suitable for retexturing (custom MAOs included)

All models include LOD2/3 meshes. Female meshes were reshaped to reduce the chest size. The female commoner and noble clothes additionally required some reshaping of the neck to prevent clipping by the kid head mesh.

As of v1.1, all models now use a custom MAO. By default these still point to the vanilla textures, but this allows for easy editing for end-user custom textures without affecting the adult models. Male variants use the prefix KM_, female variants use the prefix KF_, and unisex variants use the prefix KN_.

Includes an extended Appearance GDA using IDs 36959 to 36997. You may wish to reassign IDs to the range your own Addin uses.

Permissions/Use in Other Mods:
You may repackage and redistribute this content as part of your own mod, but you must credit me. Depending on the nature of your mod, you may prefer to simply list this as a separate pre-requisite for your mod (which the Nexus has provision for).

You may not redistribute the content of this mod by itself.

Known Issues:
The reshaping of the female meshes resulted in some texture distortion across the chest in a few instances. It shouldn't be noticeable in general play, but may be apparent in cutscene closeups. Additionally, the models use the existing textures which, being intended for adults, include shadowing and highlights designed to emphasise/enhance the shape of the breasts. Even though the actual mesh has had the chest area flattened, the textures still give the illusion of a larger chest. This is more apparent in some variants than others.

The neck of the child mesh is different to the adult head meshes. This resulted in a gap in the collars of the males meshes that is not present on the adult models. As mentioned above, the neck of the female commoner/noble meshes had to be reshaped to prevent the head mesh clipping. Under certain animations with extreme neck twisting there may still be some clipping (example: bow firing animation), but hopefully it should be fine during normal idles and conversation animations.

The only hair option for girls, the pigtails, seem to clip into the shoulders of all the outfits. They also clip into the vanilla girl body/outfit, so this is an inherent design issue on Bioware's part. I may tweak the hair mesh to shorten the pigtails slightly and upload it as an optional file at some point in the future. An edited hair mesh is now available as an optional file. Check the images section for a comparison.

The genesis of this mod was a user request on the Bioware forums -  Thanks to luna1124 and theskymoves for encouraging further development and testing the various iterations.

As ever, very special thanks go to Eshme for the DAO Model and Animation Import Export script for Max/GMax, without which this sort of thing wouldn't be possible (or practical at any rate).