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Morrigan's Inquisition head mesh ported over to Origins.

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This is a head mesh replacer for Morrigan that replaces her head with the mesh
from Dragon age Inquisition.

This is my first time ever converting anything or doing anything with meshes whatsoever.
I have tested on mine & another persons computer and so far have had no issues.

Update 2.0 -7/16/22-

Added an alternative younger skin since DAI is ten years in the future.
*fixed issue that caused skin to show older version instead of new*

Reduces neck size to be compatible with armor/clothing that have "higher collars."
Fixed mesh to work with default/modded eyelashes.
Eye placement has been changed to reduce lower lid appearance/droopy eyes.
Animations should be slightly more accurate.
Removes unnecessary files.
Alternative Hair will now be closer to scalp.

Delete all old folder/files before replacing.


All hair modded and original
(though with clipping on some, and custom mesh has its owns scalp so the scalp on
other hairs (If you choose to change hers) will float slightly above although not very noticeable and not at all on long hair.)
*hair used in younger skin picture is by the lovely Mrs-risibisi*

All clothing/armor modded and original.

Original and eye texture replacements.
(I use Alt default eyes if you want your Morrigan to look the same as mine.)

Any file that changes Morrigan's head mesh or appearance.
(Be sure to delete any file in your override called "hf_genfl_morrigan.mor" before installing
if you have previously installed a mod that changes Morrigan's appearance)


Installation instructions:
Unzip with a program such as WinRar or 7Zip
Drag and drop folder into:
Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

To uninstall, delete folder.

You will almost certainly experience crashing if you have not already installed 


Future Updates:
LOD 2 files 
Reduce Neck size to help with clipping.
Work with default eyelashes
Port over Morrigan's outfit from Inquisition
Alternate/younger skin texture.

Bioware: For original meshes and textures.
T-bth on reddit: 
Who  helped me so much, was super kind and patient in helping me troubleshoot issues.