Unique Light Armour that Tiers by theskymoves
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Unique Light Armour that Tiers
version: FINAL

File under: congenitally unable to leave well enough alone

Requires: tmp7704′s Unique Light Armours [mirror]

A small, personal ‘mod’: edits to some of the items from tmp7704′s Unique Light Armours.

The material of Adaia’s Boots, Silverhammer Evaders, Silverhammer Tackmaster, and Backhands will tier up when sold to Mikhael Dryden, etc. Runeslots have also been enabled, for compatibility with DAO rune overhauls.

Slightly unbalancing, but meh. My Tabris wants to wear her mom’s boots forever. She also likes gear that’s useful.

To install, add the .UTIs to the da2_armour-light\item_data folder; allow my files to overwrite the originals. (Making a backup beforehand is always a good idea.)

If an item has already been obtained, it will NOT reflect my changes. I suggest adding a new copy of the affected item via the developer console and discarding the original (because ‘unique’ means ‘special snowflake’).

Note: I believe my edits and this release comply with tmp7704's file permissions as stated here.

Contact: kinlochhold.tumblr.com