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Click on your camp tent to go to sleep alone, with dog, or snuggle with a love interest. Wake up to a beautiful camp morning.

Permissions and credits
  • German
*Now available in Russian and French (See files tab)

Go to sleep in camp and wake to a new day.

Spend the hours until dawn in your tent sleeping alone, laying
beside your faithful Mabari or wrapped in the arms of your love.

The next morning you will awaken to a beautiful dawn in camp
ready to take on a new day of adventures in Thedas!

* Supports male and female Wardens of any race
* Works with all official love interests
* Designed to provide the setting for Alistair's Nightmare
* Supports Karma's Origins Companions Version 3.6
* Supports Ser Gilmore Fully Voiced Version 3.11
* Supports Equal Love for Alistair and Morrigan

To go to sleep simply click on the Warden's lower front tent entrance
and make your selection. The mod will be active the second time you
enter camp during a playthrough.

* Love interest sleep scenes will be available only if you have
previously spent the night with them

* Supported romancable mod companions can snuggle with the Warden and
and will appear in the morning camp locations based on the original mod's design

Please note!

Make sure to complete all of your camp storage plans at night,
as all modded chests will be packed for travel by morning!
(i.e. they wont appear in the morning camp in the current
version but will promptly be there at night)

Mods and items that use Bodhan's shop will show up normally in the
night camp and only original game items will be available in the morning


Installation instructions:

1. Remove any previous updates
2. Extract and Install the Dahlialynn_Sleep_Until_Dawn_2_1.dazip file using
DAupdater located in your Dragon Age installation bin_ship directory.

C:ProgramFilesDragon Agebin_ship

To uninstall:

Uncheck "Dahlialynn's Sleep Until Dawn" in the downloaded
content tab in the game's main interface.

To manually remove the mod you may delete the file "dl02_sleep_tight"
located in the C:...MydocsBioWareDragon AgeAddIns directory.

Known issues:

    1. Not compatible with "The Traveler" from Vigil Vendor
    2. Auto Loot has been reported to cause issues with clicking the tenthowever this hasn't been officially tested yet.  3. Minor issue with companions not voicing their thanks when you give them gifts in the morning.   4. Generally speaking, force loading a savegame without the appropriatemods installed is not recommended.
Possible issue:
The following has been reported by Orionx Regarding the "Arcane Warrior mod - Plus" that adds two sustained spells that equip items to the offhand slot. 'I had one of those spells active when I tried to use the tent which is what caused the crash. When I stopped the spell, I was able to use the tent without the game crashing.'

Please inform me if you experience any issues.


Optional Files:

Sleep with Dog in your Armor scene replacement pack

Replaces original dog sleep scenes with one that enables you to sleep
with Dog in your chest armor.

Dog and Mabari to Wolf replacer compatibility file

Compatibility file only for those who use "Dog and Mabari to Wolf Replacer".
Do not install if you don't use that mod.


Credits (and a major thank you!):

Cutscene design, mod logic/concept : Dahlialynn
All Scripts, plots and integration: Sunjammer
Tent integration and selection menu: Sunjammer
Morning Level conversion: Cuvieronius
Additional asset integration: Darthparametric
Additional level props vfx and lighting: Dahlialynn

A big hearty thank you to my QA team for all your dedicated help!

Dahlialynn's QA Test team on the BioWare Social Network:

(in alphabetical order)

Yara Cousland

If you enjoy this mod and would like to see my other works, please have a look!


Alistair's Nightmare (Used with this mod)

Dahlialynns Alistair Epilogues - The Royal Wedding - Nexus
Dahlialynns Alistair Epilogues - The Royal Wedding - BSN

Alistairs First Night Love Scene -Nexus
Alistairs First Night Love Scene -BSN

Alistair's Visible Kiss - Nexus
Alistairs Visible Kiss - BSN

Cutscenes and machinima:

Cinematic Showreel

Fenris - A Machinima Adaptation of "A Short Story" by David Gaider
Cullen - A Stolen Kiss between a Mage and a Templar - Original Modded scene
Baldur's Gate II Redux : Irenicus Dungeon Escape - New 3D Cutscene

Youtube Channel