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Back to Ferelden - DLC items

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This is the mage pack and some items from the rouge pack from DA2 imported to DAO with the supporting lod2 files

update for version 2.1
for elf and human female and male mages
This mod will add to you inventory the following items:
1. The fugitive's mantle
2. Malcolom's bequest with the apostate's mask
3. Malcolm's honor staff
4. Apostate's courage staff
5.The black fox's jerkin (male only)
6.Ser Issac's armor (male only)

To use version 1.7 remove version 1 if it is installed by deleting mage_pack_DA2_mod folder from your override folder:
...\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

To install the new version 1.7 unzip back_to_ferelden and paste its contents your override forlder

to view the armor in your inventory enable the console to the game if it is not enabled then type the following:

for the fugitive's mantle
runscript get_fugitive

for malcolm's bequest
runscript get_malc

for malcolm's honor staff
runscript get_malcho

for the apostate's courage staff
runscript get_apc

for the black fox's jerkin
runscript get_fox

for Ser Issac's armor
runscript get_isac

Otherssebastian, carver, triss:
Unzip the file and paste its components in your override folder
to view the items in your inventory enable the console to the game if it is not enabled then type the following:

for sebastian
runscript get_vael

for carver
runscript get_carv

for triss from witcher 2
runscript get_triss

Many thanks to amycus who made a nice tutorial about rigging on this forum and also many thanks to Bioware and all who provided us with the softwares that are used to make this mod.
Thanks to tmptmp for showing us the best way to create loD2 files.
Also thanks to all who made witcher 2 mods for skyrim which were used to create the triss armor mod