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  1. craftybubbles89
    • member
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    is there a mod to remove face off of the crouch of Sebastian  armor
  2. JackBlack2006
    • member
    • 57 posts
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    Wish we could know how to fix the fugitive gloves ourselves...
  3. MaxStoryTeller
    • member
    • 159 posts
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    Just to be clear:

    I have to unzip and place everything on  "MyDocuments/Bioware/ Dragon Age/Packages/Override"  or into "MyDocuments/Bioware/ Dragon Age/Packages" & "MyDocuments/Bioware/ Dragon Age/modules"?
    1. theskymoves
      • member
      • 2,421 posts
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      [username]\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override is the game's manual override folder.

      The folder may not exist for a newly installed game. If the folder is not present, either manually create it, or run the game once (as far as opening the character creator; the CC process does not have to be completed) and the game should spawn the folder.
    2. tescan
      • member
      • 93 posts
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      You don't have to go as far as character creator for the override folder. Just running the game once and make sure you are logged in with your EA account will be enough. You can just go as far as the menu and then exit and you will have an override folder. 
  4. DarthMael
    • member
    • 79 posts
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    Fugitive's mantle gloves still redirect the cone spells 90% to the left. Can it be fixed somehow please?
  5. Voltresse
    • member
    • 255 posts
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    Merci pour ce mod.
  6. deleted42783650
    • account closed
    • 62 posts
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    just a short note, the folder contents are a mess. only 2 folders have actually files inside them.
  7. Jninja98
    • member
    • 612 posts
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    Now if only someone would add the staff Bethany uses after joining the Grey Wardens.
  8. redtypewriter
    • member
    • 3 posts
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    is the black fox armor broken for everyone, or just me? I think it's broken across multiple mods come to think of it
  9. RFAurora
    • supporter
    • 84 posts
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    Do I have to have this whole mod for EDR Hawke Family in Lothering, the Carver update? I use the Of Ferelden and Kirkwall Exports packs already, and just don't want a naked Carver running around.
  10. theskymoves
    • member
    • 2,421 posts
    • 207 kudos

    Textures aren't there? Do they need to be. This mod just makes invisible armor.

    Missing textures wouldn't result in 'invisible armor'. (You'd have non-invisible armor without a texture. Usually shiny grey or bright white.) I just downloaded both archives for this mod, extracted them, and the textures (*.dds files) are included). 
    'Invisible' armoir, OTOH, can result from several problems: a conflict with another mod using the same ItemVariation for an equippable, a missing mesh/model files, or equipping gear on a race/gender for which no model exists.
    1. carodwen
      • member
      • 69 posts
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