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A soon-to-be full overhaul of the entire vanilla campaign for DOOM Eternal

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KaiserCampaign, like the description says, is a full overhaul of the main DOOM Eternal campaign. 
My campaign features a ton of new demons, music, secrets, encounters, levels, and bosses. 
All levels in my campaign will have an insane amount of polish to ensure that they are (semi) bug free,  and overall deliver a quality sense of balanced difficulty. 

Currently released is act 1, which showcases Hell on Earth - Doom Hunter base. 
Meant to be started from a new save, as the health of demons in decreased in the first two levels to accommodate for your weapons and upgrades at the time.
The new campaign is balanced around the use of the Sentinel hammer - you start with it, and it charges via breaking weakpoints and blood punch kills.

Because Kaisercampaign is such a large and comprehensive mod, it gets broken by alot of other stuff. So before reporting a bug, be sure to disable all of your other mods first.
(This mod ships with consistent marauder faltering, less bullshit waveblasts, and traffic light breaker, as well as my own balance changes to cursed prowlers/armored barons, specific files from challenge restored, and my arachnotron restored mod)

Also, because KaiserCampaign uses dlc2 levels as a loading tool for new assets, it is reccomended you do not play dlc2 with this mod installed, as you may notice strange things that may not make sense such as gameplay changes, enemy changes, or text changes.

Check the Permissions and credits tab to see the full credits for everyone involved, i couldn't do this without the support of my community.

If you want to speak with me directly, or learn how to make mods like this for yourself, be sure to join The DOOM Eternal Modding Hub