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A soon-to-be full overhaul of the entire vanilla campaign for DOOM Eternal

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This mod - What is it? Who are you? Where am i?

KaiserCampaign is a complete overhaul of the main campaign for DOOM Eternal, currently featuring 8 custom master levels and 4 secret levels. This campaign is the answer for players who want more from the game after finishing DLC2, but don't wish to torture themselves with absolutely ridiculous demon-spam heavy custom levels. This campaign seeks to provide a fresh and challenging experience both for players who want to start a new game, or just boot up one of the maps via mission select.

This mod rebalances multiple aspects of the slayers kit (The Hammer, Secret upgrades, Extra upgrades, Support runes, Specific demon resistances) for a completely fresh experience and custom combat loop. The goal here is to further elevate the skill celling and creative expression of players without changing too much about the base game and making it unrecognizable. It is recommended you do not play this campaign with any other gameplay altering mods, but it's designed so that you can if you wish 99% of the time.

My Campaign features custom enemies, bosses, music, powerups, secrets, and many other assorted ways to shake up the game like never before. New codex pages, loading screens, and a playable tutorial are all available for players who want to see the new features. My Youtube channel also features various sneak-peaks and developer playthroughs of what you can expect from the campaign.

KaiserCampaign is NOT compatible or at risk of serious bugs with any of the following mods - 

1. Anything altering the file structure of the games files. If a mod adds new content and uses a .json to add them to existing file structures, it may interfere with KaiserCampaign, and may result in widespread and random issues. To air on the side of caution, please disable all other mods before reporting anything. 

2. Other campaign or level altering mods. This includes "Slaughter maps", Horde mode, other custom campaigns, etc. Do not report any bugs if you have one of these installed.

Because Kaisercampaign is such a large and comprehensive mod, it gets broken by alot of other stuff. So before reporting a bug, be sure to disable all of your other mods first.
(This mod ships with consistent marauder faltering, less bullshit waveblasts, and traffic light breaker, as well as my own balance changes to cursed prowlers/armored barons, specific files from challenge restored, and my arachnotron restored mod)

Also, because KaiserCampaign uses dlc2 levels as a loading tool for new assets, it is recommended you do not play dlc2 with this mod installed, as you may notice strange things that may not make sense such as gameplay changes, enemy changes, or text changes.

Please understand that while i dedicate many hours to fixing bugs and making the most seamless experience possible. Because of the amount of custom files, and because of the limit i push the engine to in order to create this, that there will be random crashes, possible softlocks, etc. 


Check the Permissions and credits tab to see the full credits for everyone involved, i couldn't do this without the support of my community.

If you want to speak with me directly, or learn how to make mods like this for yourself, be sure to join The DOOM Eternal Modding Hub

Ok, all of that is cool. But can you tell me more?

Yeah, yeah. sure. Fine. But you're the one who's getting spoiled here so no sweat off my wings.

Custom Demons


Escalation Encounters/Bosses


New Secrets and Secret Levels


New Powerups


Balance Changes