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About this mod

A collaborative project of 10 custom and unimplemented master levels into the main campaign

Permissions and credits

Levels currently implemented 
  • Hell on earth (Semi-custom/ID)
  • Exultia (Semi-custom/ID) 
  • Cultist base (Custom)
  • Doom hunter base (Semi-custom/ID)
  • Super gore nest (ID)
  • ARC Base (Custom)
  • Mars core (Custom)
  • Sentinel Prime (Semi-custom/ID)
  • Urdak (Custom)
  • Final Sin (Custom)
  • The mandatory campaign ripatorium encounter

Nekravol and Taras Nabad will be included eventually as well. I'm making them from scratch.

Update 1.9.1 includes my new custom powerup tech, more secrets in HOE, Exultia, and Urdak, and custom Spectre enemies!
Master levels in campaign now ships with a custom version of starting utilities, however the normal version of the mod that unlocks more content will stay up as an optional file.

This mod now also ships with Less bullshit waveblasts, consistent marauder faltering, and traffic light breaker by Durandal for balance purposes in early game and consistency in late game. Tyrant Weakpoint Restored is no longer included, but is a recommended file for maps 1-3.

In the exultia rework for 1.9.1, i stole the screecher concept from Ancient Gods part 2. You can see what it looks like in the images section, it's basically a buffed tier 3 zombie that will spawn a buff pod for 30 seconds when killed. My "screechers" will be included in future levels as well.

Install via the latest version of mod injector.

Mods reccomended for use with this

Fadaq -  Got id's unreleased master levels working (HOE, Exultia, DHB, Sentinel prime) and created the custom Mars core ML
elizabethany - Created the ARC complex master level rework i put into the main campaign
Blubber - Improved the double golden gladiator fight (OG Double glads were accidental, but i thought it was cool)
PowerBall253 - Originally improved the infighting for the levels, but due to a bug it has since been removed :(
δelta - Created the custom cultist base level i used as a base for my ML equivalent
Disk - New powerup tech, custom spectre effect tech, miscellaneous other cool shit 
I Drink Lava - For the shootable/punchable secret tech and finding some really cool out of bounds secret stuff in DHB
Ubercringe - Created the in-game credits showing who made what levels
Durandal - For allowing me to package Less bullshit waveblasts, Consistent Marauder Faltering, and Traffic Light Breaker with my levels
Furb - For allowing me to package his Better Marauders mod with my levels
Proteh - For the custom HUD popup tech
ID Software - For making this amazing game and being so cool with letting us rip and tear through it's files