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Mimicry, inspired by the Mime job from Final Fantasy Tactics, adds a new "class" called the Mime. Mimes can mimic the actions of allies in battle, utilize Mime-only skills, take advantage of Mime-only passives, and pummel enemies with scaled unarmed damage.

Permissions and credits
Note: Mimicry requires Animations Plus and LeaderLib.

Mimicry's main feature is the ability to automatically mimic the actions of party members in battle. Mimicking creates the possibility for new strategies.

Main Features

  • Passively mimic in battle, opening the door to new strategies
  • New mime-only skills, featuring new visuals and interesting interactions
  • A fully viable unarmed "weapon", utilizing the unarmed animations from Animations Plus
  • Mime-only passives abilities enhance unarmed fighting and grant bonuses to nearby summons

Wear the Mask of Mimicry to fully become a mime, automatically activating all mime passives and learned mime skills.

  • Automatically levels up with you
  • Every few levels, new bonuses are gained
  • Grants immunity to Charmed

  • Mimes are muted in combat, and therefore cannot cast regular non-weapon skills! The power of mimicking comes at a cost.

  • When using the Mime preset, you automatically start with a Mask of Mimicry. Otherwise you can "obtain" a copy from the Mime follower detailed below...

Mime Follower
A mime follower can be recruited and permanently attached to a chosen character. Use the music box sold at the LeaderLib trader to get started.

Note: The mime follower can only mimic the actions of the character they're attached to.

Music Box

The music box acts as a summoning conduit for the mime follower. It's available at Old Man Lothar, the LeaderLib trader.

Once recruited, the music box is a quick way to summon the follower to your position.

Class Preset

Mimicry also adds a new Mime preset, allowing you to unlock the Mime from the start. This preset is also available in the LeaderLib preset menu.

Source Mimicking & Source Regeneration (Lv. 10+)

At level 10 or higher, mimes can learn a skill that allows them to mimic one source ability per combat, and mimes will regenerate 1 source point every 60 seconds outside of combat, or every 10 turns within combat.

Mimes automatically begin mimicking when their turn ends, and can toggle this behavior with the Disable Mimicking skill:

Additionally, mimicking is automatically disabled when Invisible or Playing Dead (this behavior can be changed in the Mimicry menu).

Skill Mimicking

Both skills and position/target settings are mimicked. If a skill was cast 10m ahead on an enemy, then the mime will cast 10m ahead and prioritize an enemy target. If a skill was cast on the caster, the mime will cast that skill on themselves.

Ignored Skills:
  • Source Skills
  • Rush / Jump / Summon Skills
  • Special-type Shout Skills

Skill/Attack Mimicked Attributes:
  • Target Distance
  • Target Preference (Ally, Enemy, or None)
  • Caster Weapons

Attack Mimicking

Like skills, basic attacks are mimicked, and the attacker's target position, target preference, and weapons are mimicked.

Item Mimicking

The following item types are mimicked:
  • Potions
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Any item that casts a skill (grenades, scrolls)

Self-preservation is enabled by default, so an undead ally drinking poison won't be mimicked by a non-undead character, and vice versa.

Item mimicking can be disabled in the host settings menu, and self-preservation can be disabled in the mime settings menu (both available in the Mimicry settings menu).


Mimes take the direction they're facing into account when mimicking. You can specify a direction to face when your turn ends with the Set Facing skill.

Mimicking Damage Balancing

Damage while mimicking can be adjusted by the host (-10%/-25%/-50% damage while mimicking).

Hint: All passive statuses can be hidden away. No UI clutter necessary.


Mimes are innately gifted with unarmed combat.

Unarmed Bonus Damage
  • Every 3rd consecutive unarmed hit on a target deals random bonus damage.

Double Strike
  • Critical unarmed strikes have a 25% chance to cause a Double Strike (one free hit).

Brawler Stance Skill

  • Toggles the Brawler Stance, granting the Brawler's Fist, a two-handed unarmed weapon. The Brawler's Fist scales to the Mime's level and chosen attribute (Constitution by default). Every few levels, the Brawler's Fist will gain new bonuses.


  • While unarmed, mimes gain a large bonus to accuracy.


  • Friendly summons within 15m gain new abilities.

Monster Skills:

* New skill added by Mimicry

Mime Skills

Mime skills are only usable as a mime, and only available when the mask is equipped.

Here's a couple of teasers:

Flank & Swap:

Quake Slam:

Buying Mime Skills

Mime skills can be purchased from the Mask of Mimicry itself, available when meditating (use the LeaderLib Mod Menu or the Inner Reflection skill).

Special Features:
  • The Mask sells new mime skills at various levels. You'll get an in-game notification when new skills are available, and this will be obvious in the main mime menu.
  • Non-mime related items in its inventory can be "liquidated" into gold, for keeping a tidy merchant inventory.