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Makes it so that Skillbooks are not consumed when used.

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Infinite Skillbooks

This mod makes it so that the Skillbooks are not consumed upon use.

Unzip the file and put the included Data folder into your Divinity - Original Sin/ directory

Due to the fact that D:OS only allows one mod to work per playthrough, if you wish to merge the functionality of this mod with another one, then put the Infinite_Skillbooks.lsb file located in this mod's Data\Public\Infinite_Skillbooks_ba04c4f6-d14f-403c-8c80-a70f3b1aa03b\RootTemplates\ folder into another mod's Data\Public\(Other Mod)\RootTemplates\ folder.

Skillbooks may disappear when transferred between characters via the "Send to (Character)" command in-game. The way to get around this is to drop the Skillbook onto the ground for the other character to pick up.

The possibility exists that I may have missed a skillbook.
The Skillbooks deliberately not affected by this mod are:
-The two special skillbooks sold by the Secret Keeper
-Use Tenebrium skillbook

1.0.72 -> 1.0.73- Fixed the Boulder Bash Skillbook