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Are you bored of continuous rail track switching? This mod allows you to build routes based on active jobs data using your Comms Radio. !!! New update available with cruise control and experimental AI !!!

Permissions and credits
Only OVERHAULED is supported.

Comms Radio

New route (active only when active route NOT set)
  • From last used locomotion to job destination
Build route from last locomotion position to job destination
Also available via console command: route loco
  • From last used locomotion to specific track
Build route from last locomotion position to specific track on the map
Also available via console command: route from loco to <trackId>
  • From job cars to job destination
Build route from job cars to job destination. You could choose exact job if you have more jobs active
Also available via console command: route job [jobName]

Active route (active only when active route set)

  • Route tracker
Will advice you when you should reverse your track and if you are on right route. Also uses sound signals, if you should slow down a reverse train after some switch.
  • Train info
Gives some basic info about train such train length, train weight and cars count.
  • Change route direction
  • Will change direction of current route. Should be combined with "Reversing strategy" setting if you don't want route with reversing (red circles on map)
  • Train end alarm
Sound notification (road runner) when the train end reach same point as front of the train was when this function was activated [default key 'N']
  • Clear route
  • Unset active route for to be able to build new route

Cruise Control (experimental)

Cruise control keeps preset speed, when you change controls manually, it will deactivate. It is completely independent from setting route, so it can be used even you have not set any route. Before activation be sure you have set right direction. Only uses independent brake. Activation and deactivation produces sound signals.

  • Set current speed: try to keep current speed [default key 'C']
  • 30 km/h: try to keep speed 30 km/h [default key 'V']
  • 60 km/h: try to keep speed 60 km/h [default key 'B']
  • + 5 km/h: add 5km/h to current set speed [default key ',']
  • - 5 km/h: subtract 5km/h from current set speed [default key '.']

Diesel loco AI (experimental)

It is very limited feature by now designed mainly for shunting. More use cases to come.

  • Shunt to specific track
Choose destination when current logo should go. Has following limitations:
Speed is restricted to 20 km/h
(Main) brake must be released
  • Stop Loco AI: Stops all AI cars

Settings (currently available only via Unity Mod Manager - Ctrl+F10)

  • Reversing strategy

    NoReversing: Route with reverses will be never used
    OnlyIfNeeded: Route with reverses will be used only when route without reverses does not exist
    ChooseBest: Choose faster route between route with reverses and without reverses
  • Keybinding: Allows you to change all keys mod is using. Due to bug in Unity Mod manager, you can change only the first key. It was fixed in version 0.22.8, so if this bug affects you, download latest version from

Main use case

1. Take Freight haul or Logistic job (Shunting supported partially by now)
2. Go to Comms Radio "ROUTE MNGR" page and choose "New route" and "From job cars to job destination"
3. If there is a message with route length, route should be built (and visible on map) and all switches set. If there is a info about reverses, you have to reverse after some switch (notification will come in future)
4. Bring the locomotive to the cars in the heading from Route screen ("HEADING: X") and check it on your map
5. You can repeat 3. and choose "From last used locomotive" to reset all switches you had to change by shunting
6. You should recompute route after DV spawns cars at stations, because it can put car on route, which was previously free (will be solved in future by automatic recomputing after spawning)

Sound signals

  • One beep: Function is set
  • Two beeps low-high: Cruise control activated
  • Two beeps high-low: Cruise control deactivated
  • Buzzer: Wrong direction or out of way
  • Siren: You should start to brake and be prepared to stop train
  • Road runner: Train end achieved some point (memorized via Train end alarm or behind switch, where train must be reversed)

Console commands

route loco
Build route from last locomotion to job destination

route job [jobName]
Build route from job cars to job destination. You could specify exact job name

route from [<trackId>|loco] to <trackId>
Build route from specific track Id or last locomotion to specific track Id
Following example will find route from last used loco to Goods Factory & Town Station D Line 5 Input: route from loco to GF-D-5-I

Note: Do not report bugs to the developers of the game if you are using mods!

How to Install

  1. Download, install Unity Mod Manager and run DoorstopProxy module installation into Derail Valley game.
  2. Download the mod.
  3. Install the mod using Unity Mod Manager or Extract the archive and put the mod folder into Mods folder of the Game (\Steam\steamapps\common\Derail Valley\Mods).
  4. Run the game (you should see plugin active in UnityModManager GUI - Ctrl+F10).

Source code

Known issues:
  • Routing algorithm needs more tweaking, it does not support loops and don't compute curves and gradients...
  • Shunting jobs not supported yet
  • DV could spawn cars on track, that was previously free
  • Don't use route building when your train goes through switch
  • When destination track is occupied (logistic jobs), train should reverse on other end of the station instead going to that track directly

Planned features
  • Full shunting support
  • Settings
  • Path finding algorithm tweaks