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two needed fixes to play DS1 on PC

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two needed fixes to play DS1 on PC. i felt they needed to be here
remember to uncheck V sync ingame for best results when using these... 

a rundown of what these are and why they are needed is below...

Mouse Fix - place the files into the game directory
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The mouse controls in Dead Space are notorious. While many players report issues with positive or negative mouse acceleration or overall sluggish movement, others state that the controls are not that bad. This is because the engine applies a lot of transformations to the input that are based on frame time. This leads to movement that is generally better when the frame rate ist stable. The problem gets worse when activating V-Sync. This is why popular workarounds recommend to disable V-Sync and cap the frame rate to avoid fluctuations. Unfortunately, this also means that playing at higher frame rates is often not feasible, which also prevents users from taking advantage of GSync, FreeSync, Fast Sync or similar technologies. This fix attempts to circumvent those problems by acquiring raw mouse input and injecting it directly into the game's camera functions, making the controls as independent of the frame rate as possible. While the movement is still not as perfect as in other games it should be a huge improvement to the default behavior.

Controls Fix - place this into  C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Electronic Arts\Dead Space
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EA also decided to lock the arrow keys out when it come to rebinding. Why? Who the hell knows. However, there is a fix that will make it so you can use the arrow keys for movement. this will help massively if your left handed (like myself)