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This is a UNREAL ENGINE 4 overhaul, including better reflections, much improved darker and further ambient occlusion, sharper shadows, more distant shadows, better God rays, much better tone mapping, lots of tweaking and caching etc improve performance and visuals.
Also I managed to eliminate a lot of the stuttering in the game.

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Virtually no downside to FPS, in fact i noticed better overall frame rate and REDUCED STUTTER, The difference is night and day in my opinion, i tried to max out UE 4 engine as much humanly possible without breaking it and/or causing artifacts.

I put a ton of work into this SO PLEASE ENDORSE if you like it.

No RESHADE has been used to enhance what you see other than natural LUT that i have also uploaded, no luma sharpen or nvidia sharpening, it was all achieved through the engine configs plus -1.000 LOD in Nvidia control panel and set to High quality.
Pics were taken in HDR on my Samsung Odyssey, results may very from hardware to hardware.
No tricks were used like supersampling or Nvida DSR upscaling or anything else, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.

The beauty of this is that you can still use many reshades to make it perfect to your own tastes without doubling on FPS loss.

Results may vary on AMD cards, different monitors, and people using reshades as well as multiple graphical setups within the game itself or potato pc which is sub optimal to achieve what i strived for.
It is impossible to please everyone, please stop venting your anger of not being able to appreciate the work i have done because of your own hardware limitations or personal tastes.
If you like it, use it, if not do not, simple.

Thank you. and ENJOY!