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Realistic Darkness, no more night vision for Deek.

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I have never driven around even in moonlight, and felt like it would be easier to drive without my headlight on. Don't know what the developers were going for, but besides the excessive blue tint, and the daylight brightness, I wanted to fix it. And I pretty much did, so here it is.
Recommended to play in Survival Mode with no HUD, no focus vision highlighting. As real as it gets.
NAR, highly recommended. Kudos to Alan Poster, for your awesome work.
ENVIRONMENTAL EXPLOSIONS, Trust me, when you are fighting a horde in the dark, you want explosions to not have a kill cap of 20.
LET THERE BE BRIGHT, My mod to increase flashlight and headlight intensity, you'll need proper lights in the dark

What it does
Detects how bright the scene is, and darkens what is supposed to be dark, and just a bit less saturated. (Have you ever see anything besides a light that is more colorful in the dark?)
Nighttime in the moonlight is a lot more realistic. You can see stuff, but barely, specially if they're far. Don't worry, the moon still helps, but good luck driving without headlights on.
The effect is essentially 99% off during daytime and bright scenes. The 1% effect brings out the ambient occlusion more.
No more ridiculous looking enemies waving flashlights around when they obviously don't need them.

CTRL-L if you need to toggle it on or off for whatever reason

- Snow throws the luma detection off a bit, the effects might fluctuate
- Going thru shadowy areas will make it darker sometimes, specially if there is a lot of shadow. 
- Sniper scope during the day has a little darker view, but still usable. 
- THIS DOES NOT AFFECT THE ENEMIES VISION. They will detect/see you all the same. 

None that I know of, but I don't test extensively. Let me know if you encounter any and I'll add it here.

Uses custom modded/renamed effects, so should not conflict with any other reshade mod.
Again, recommended to install NAR. I cannot guarantee intended visuals without it, since I never tested without that mod.

1. Install Reshade. Just download the basic effects, I include the effects in the download.
2. Extract the zip file contents into the game folder where DaysGone.exe is located. Make sure to overwrite, specially Reshade.ini.