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Dynamic shadows added to whole game. Removed almost all baked lighting. Fix mesh holes and issues. Enhanced lighting. Porting the visual look of PTDE. Whole world visible from anywhere almost. Better water reflections. Better trees. New landscape meshes. And more!

Permissions and credits
PLEASE READ: This is not a reshade preset or anything to do with it. 

If you want the most in-depth look at what this mod does and how it's been achieved, I have a YT channel where I post daily: https://www.youtube.com/@fromsoftserve

What does Dark Souls Re-Remastered mod do?

1. Restores PTDE lighting to every map
2. Upscales almost every texture, most of which are ported from PTDE
3. Generates new normal maps for most surfaces
4. Upscales armor/weapon textures, most of which are ported from PTDE
5. Adds parallax occlusion mapping to more surfaces (wip)
6. Better water reflections
7. Better distant geometry. Replaces the fake distant mappieces and uses the actual mappieces
8. Blighttown visible from Firelink Shrine. Moonlight Butterfly Castle visible from Undead Burg. Real Undead Burg visible from Sen's Fortress and more!
9. More grass added in Darkroot, Undead Burg, Firelink Shrine, and more.
10. More fog in Darkroot, fog added to Undead Asylum, Firelink Graveyard, and Blighttown.
11. Fixes mesh holes that were present in many mappieces
12. Modifies Depth of Field for every map to better match PTDE

Can you play online?
Maybe. The mod has grown in scope sooooo much since I started it. I'm not modifying map files, model files, texture files, etc. I play online, but I've had a data fraud warning for months, prior to even starting modding. So, I still see phantoms, bloodstains, etc. I've been playing with the mod installed for hundreds of hours and I've never been fully banned or anything. We don't fully know what will trigger a ban. So, I just want to be fully upfront that you play online at your own risk. Could be fine, but at this point, I can't definitively say one way or the other. I don't blame people for playing offline with it. I've seen some comments of PvP issues with the mod. I genuinely don't know why this is, since I'm not touching netcode, but I have messing with basically everything else, so could be the reason. 

Known Issues:
-Shadow moire issues in Anor Londo and Sen's Fortress. looks like lines on the shadows.
-since I'm adding new distant mappieces, I'll commonly fuck up and leave something in, or something will render when I don't want it to. I'm squashing bugs daily, though.

Other bugs will be found, but I'll squash them as soon as I can. If you could post a picture with your bug report that would be ideal. Tysm!

With the launch of version 0.87 & beyond, I recommend doing this once if you are upgrading from a prior version of the mod:
Delete everything inside your Dark Souls Remastered folder. Open Steam, go to properties for Dark Souls Remastered, and verify local files. Then install the newest version of the mod. Only need to do this once, as future versions will be a drop in upgrade.

First time installers:
Download the main file & the "Distant Darkroot from Undead Burg bug fix"

Unpack both rar files using WinRAR
Copy every folder inside the download folder to your Dark Souls Remastered game folder where the exe file is.
Then copy the one file inside "m1790B0a10.flver.rar" into your "Map" -> "m10_01_00_00" folder (next release won't need this bugfix)

Overwrite when asked.
Then, download "Material Effect 1.4" from this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/darksoulsremastered/mods/312?tab=description

Copy it to your Dark Souls Remastered folder.
And you're done!

Note: The classic bonfire mod is under optional for the Material Effect mod, and you simply drop that file into your SFX folder inside your Dark Souls Remastered folder. 

NOTE: If you'd like a faster download than Nexus, I do have Google Drive links on my Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/posts/ds1-ds2-ds3-mod-93299179)

Delete the folders inside your Dark Souls Remastered game folder. Verify local files with Steam. Boom, done. Your saves aren't effected.

This project simply isn't possible without DSMapStudio. It's so insanely powerful and hats off to every dev behind it. 
?ServerName? discord for giving so much help with various quirks of DSR.
Stayd for being an absolute legend and helping me understand collisions, light ids, etc.
Grimukh for his insane Soulstruct for Blender plugin. 
Trivia for helping me with various DSMapStudio or DSR quirks.
TKGP, Katalash, King Bore, Illusory Wall, Shadowlth, and so many more!  
DS2LightingEngine Discord for letting me bounce off ideas and showing WIP stuff. So helpful. 
Magpie for helping with Blender edits of map pieces and general help. Absolutely brilliant and does model editing that I don't know how to. https://t.co/Cnv0Ny2MnZ

I do have a Patreon for google drive links, ad free versions of my YT videos, and pictures of my cats too! https://www.patreon.com/fromsoftserve // ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/fromsoftserve