Dark Souls Remastered

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-New Enemy placement and more exploreable areas
-New Armor set effects on each piece
-New Weapon changes, from having visual effects to dealing different damage types
-New Boss Fight Music
-Enemy Physics changed and Enemy AI changed
-New Classes and Gifts
-Upgrading Armor is more effective

Permissions and credits

-The Dark Souls of Dark Souls-

(Warning: This Mod is Extremely Hard!)
(If you don't like Hard or Unfair fights don't play this Mod)

This is a RPGish look at dark souls where leveling up, exploring, and upgrading weapons/armor matter.

Use this link to donate is you like the mod:  PayPal.Me/vanbuinen


-Open up your Remastered game location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DARK SOULS REMASTERED
-In the folder called Msg-ENGLISH-paste (item.msgbnd.dcx) and (menu.msgbnd.dcx) file
-In the folder called GameParam- paste (GameParam.parambnd.dcx) file
-In the folder called MapStudio- paste the (m10_00_00_00.msb) to (m18_01_00_00.msb) map files
-In the folder called sound- paste (fdlc_sm12.fsb), (frpg_sm10.fsb) to (frpg_sm18.fsb) sound files
-You're all set!


Boss Comentary: https://www.twitch.tv/letofski/clip/EntertainingSnappyNoodleKappaRoss

-Read Articles Tab for Item Description Changes

-Updated to V11.2 See Changelogs for details

-DLC Content Access Steps:

Place Lordvessel First!!!!!

-Defeat Hydra

-Defeat Golden Golem, Dusk falls out, pickup Pendent Golem drops

-Upon entering DLC Portal Save and Quit to appear at the bonfire

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