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Massive content mod for Dark Souls: Remastered. Install it
by running install_ds_doa_remastered.exe, navigating to your
DarkSoulsRemastered.exe, and following the prompts. I strongly
recommend starting from a clean install, as this mod touches
almost everything in the game. When the install is complete,
unzip any higher-numbered patch files from Nexus into your

REMEMBER: Don't go online, and don't load your vanilla save files!

Stay updated at the Daughters of Ash subreddit and Discord server,
and contact me at either as Grimrukh. Feel free to ask or tell me
anything. (I tend to reply on Discord faster than Reddit or Nexus.)

• Dark Souls: Remastered (2018)

• New game progression
• New bosses and enemies
• New NPCs and storylines
• New weapons, items, and mechanics
• New secrets
• Expanded lore

• Not yet available for Dark Souls: Remastered.

♦ HotPocketRemix for UDSFM, his EMEVD translation work, and his FSB
reconstruction work.
♦ Meowmaritus for ParamVessel, MeowScript, and Model Viewer.
♦ Wulf2k for BND Rebuilder, MSB Editor, FMG Editor, and Param Editor.
♦ loosepolygon for DarkSoulsAnimTool (TAE) and ScriptListEdit (LUA).
♦ TKGP for Yabber (TPF).
♦ AinTunez for his general mastery and assistance in porting to Remastered.
♦ FTRichter/Fennrix for leading the overhaul charge with 'Prepare to Die Again'.

::: CHANGE LOG :::

- First version for Dark Souls: Remastered. Not compatible with Prepare
to Die Edition (and these changes have not yet been back-ported to PTDE).
- Several major changes:
- Multiple boss battles have been improved and made more interesting.
- Challenge Pact system (with Etched Ring) has been overhauled. Pacts now
provide game-changing positive and negative effects to heavily alter
gameplay, and reveal their effects before you commit to them.
- A couple of brand new surprises I won't give away, in thanks for
the patience of the Remastered community.
- Many, many minor fixes/tweaks, notably including:
- You can no longer obtain infinite Sorcery: Magic Shield.
- Some inaccurate soul item descriptions corrected.
- Bonerust no longer has any positive effects.
- Torch Hollows can now be hurt by a certain boss.
- No more awkward platforming to obtain a certain key.
- No more ambiguity over a possibly broken bonfire.
- Griggs can't time travel anymore.
- Some glitchy animations fixed.
- Bloathead Sorcerer projectiles nerfed slightly.
- Darkwraiths can no longer be parried, due to the strange behavior of the
Remastered engine.