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A minimalistic HUD mod for Dark Souls III, so you can focus on the game's visuals. Compatible with most mods and can be used on vanilla safely.

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A simple HUD somewhat based off Bloodborne's HUD, using Dark Souls III's assets for a game-friendly look.
Originally created for use with Champion's Ashes mod but can be used with almost all mods and by itself.
Only the essential aspects of the HUD were left behind. Created by Lenox and Dashima.


Examples of the HUD being used in-game.

Standard Version

Textless Version

With Bloodborne Bars

Installation Method 1: Mod Engine (Bannable)

1a. If you are using this HUD with another mod that already uses Mod engine, place the HUD files in the existing mod folder you want to combine it with under the "menu" folder.

1b. If you are using the HUD by itself, download Mod Engine and follow the instructions listed on the mod page. Create a new mod folder in your Game folder, then create a folder called "menu" inside your mod folder. Finally, edit the settings of the modengine.ini file to make it reference your newly created mod folder.

The HUD is compatible with most mods, such as Champion's Ashes and Cinders, as both use Mod engine.

For these mods, you MUST place the mod in the "menu" folder of the existing mod folder for it to work.
This will be located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DARK SOULS III\Game\(Mod Folder Name Here)\menu.

In order to see your HP beyond 2.5k or so HP, you must also install the optional compatibility file.
Place this file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DARK SOULS III\Game\AshesLauncher\Ashes\_ashes\param and replace the existing file there.

Installation Method 2: UXM (Non-bannable)

1. Download UXM. Run the EXE, then unpack and patch your game. 

2. Place the HUD files inside the "menu" folder of your Game folder. It should replace two files.

This method of installation can be used for vanilla Dark Souls III and won't ban you while online (99.99% safe).
Simply unpack your game and patch your game, then replace the existing files in menu. Please enjoy!


Additional Credits
Many thanks to Halvard for the stayparam file!