Dark Souls 3

About this mod

A total overhaul of the game, its combat system, visuals, and more- intended primarily to bring greater balance and depth to the competitive multiplayer. Weapons are made more unique and viable, with new combos, mechanics, and more.

Permissions and credits

Read the recent patch notes here: Champion's Ashes Wiki Patch Notes
For accessing the PVP community or information, be sure to visit the Discord.

Available Translations: 中文 | Français




Family sharing was re-enabled on May 14th.

1. Place 
AshesLauncher.exe in your root game directory, the folder containing DarkSoulsIII.exe.
2. Launch the game through the launcher.

On default Steam settings, this is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DARK SOULS III\Game
If you use UXM set "loadUXMFiles=0" to "loadUXMFiles=1" in modengine.ini.

Nep.Edler another team member who has contributed tons of modding
Novessed, Oryx, Pepp, and all our testers
for their generous help
Gate for the Sherbet system
Wallace for map changes

This mod would not exist without its amazing community. Additional thanks to:

TKGP for Yapped
MeowMaritus for DSAnimStudio
Katalash for Mod Engine
MaxTheMiracle for some amazing armor models
ElFonz0 for even more amazing armor models 
Mayhem for animations
Lenox548 for the GFX and UI files 
Witness for lighting/skybox changes
Iota for lighting/map changes
PinoIsReading for Bloodborne sets
ForsakenSilver for Alternative set
Wiglow for custom modeled Ledo's set
Salvatron for various sets
Rodan for Valkyrie helmet
Alex Roe for the remixed Menu Theme
Nep.Edler, Awe, and others for the Chinese translations
Falsecobra for the French translation
Lord for some incredible screenshots
BathedInBrena for being our social media manager
Fighter.PL, CastleInTheSky for promoting and hosting our first tournament!
And everyone who plays and supports our mod!

Champion's Ashes: Frequently Asked Questions
A helpful overview of the many common questions new players may have about the mod.

Q: What is Champion's Ashes?
A: Champion's Ashes is a total overhaul of Dark Souls III, with a focus on creating a balanced and competitive PVP environment. This mod is centered around 1v1 dueling and all content added has been based around the medium of PvP. As a community mod, we want to create the best experience possible and have plans for the future, including but not limited to, PVE changes, new weapons, and more.

Q: Where can I get involved with the playerbase and find other players?
A: The majority of our players and all of the developers can be found on the Champion's Ashes Discord server. This is the mod's central home: it's where we review player feedback, bug reports, answer questions, host events, find multiplayer, etc. 

Q: What languages do you support?
A: Currently only English, French, and Chinese. Please contact a moderator if you are interested in lending us a hand in translating our mod.

Q: Do you guys have a Wiki?
We have a wiki in-progress at http://championsashes.wikidot.com/. We still need contributors to help fill out all the information here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Q: Where can I find the new weapons?
A: They can be found throughout PVE. If you'd like to access them quickly, you can use an in-game Cheat Code at the Firelink Handmaid by performing "Point Forward > Point Down > Bow" in front of her.
In order to gain souls to level up or buy these items, follow up the previous gestures with "Look Skyward".

We also have a useful CE table you can check out on our Discord server.

Q: Do you have any ideas on expanding this mod? More weapons/armor/PVE?
A: Yes. We will be updating this mod with more content. Please follow along and support our journey!

Q: Why are my items coming up with ?GoodsName?
A: We currently only have English, French and Chinese translations of the mod. Switching to a supported language will show you the new item names and descriptions.

 Q: Is Champion's Ashes compatible with previous saves?
A: Yes. You may need to respec or level up once to see the HP/FP changes.

Q: What happens if I play against players who don't have the mod?
A: If the other player does not have the files you have, they will not see the things that they are missing. This includes weapons and animations, which will be invisible for them. Likewise, if the other player is on a mod that you are not on, you will not see their new content either.(edited)

Q: Is ___ mod compatible with Champion's Ashes?
A: This is a complicated answer, but the simple answer is-- if the mod in question replaces any files in Champion's Ashes, it is usually not compatible. Mods that contain a single .dll file can be chainloaded in the modengine.ini configuration file (ie. Wex Dust) and are compatible.

To have it on in both cases, complete both steps. Each version has their own settings file, so you can customize it for each.

Q: Does this mod ban you?
A: If you play online, yes. If you play offline and use a new save using modengine, no.

Q: How can I play multiplayer if I'm banned? What's the difference between a softban and a hardban?
A: There is only 1 kind of ban in this game. This is the softban, that will send you to softban server. The softban server and the vanilla server are identical, except on banned servers, you can no longer be penalized. The banned server have all the same online functionalities as the vanilla server. However, each server can only connect with its own players. All of Champion's Ashes playerbase plays together on the banned server.

Q: How can I play online without getting my main account banned?
A: You can create a Steam Family Share alt account and use this account to avoid getting banned on your main account. This is free and you do not have to buy the game again to do this.
You can follow our tutorial to learn how make this free alt account.

After that, you're free to play the mod whenever you choose.

Q: Is there a way to play offline on my main account without getting banned?
A: Yes. Though I highly recommend using the above method, you can also use modengine to prevent bans while offline.

Q: How do I get on banned servers?
A: Bandai Namco bans in waves around Tuesday, every week. Therefore, if you installed the mod on Wednesday, you will have to wait until the following Tuesday to get onto the banned servers.

Q: How do I know if I am banned?
A: Upon launch, you will receive a message stating: "Caution: you have been penalized" on the English version of the game.

Q: What's the best method of getting banned?
A: Enabling this mod and launching the game online is the best method.

Q: What is the PVP meta level?
A: Please ensure your character is SL 125 and that your stats match up with 125.

Q: Where can I find people to PVP with?
A: There are a couple different fight club locations, but the most common one is the platform above the elevator of the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire. Check the Discord server to see where people are fighting.

Q: Is there a community password?
A: The community password is ashes.

Q: Can I co-op with this mod?
A: Yes. 

Q: I have a question not answered here!
A: Please ask us in our Discord server and we'll try to answer your question.

Thank you to everyone who supports our mod! 
If you have any feedback the fastest way to contact us is via Discord.
Please do NOT use our mods content without our permission!

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