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Contains multiple previously unusable burning weapons, such as the Soul of Cinder's weapons, the heated Thrall weapons, and unused Embered Ringed Knight weapons

Permissions and credits
This pack contains various burning, embered, and fiery weapons. These include the Soul of Cinder's weapons and the heated Thrall weapons. Each weapon is set up to replace another specific weapon, though you may change the ID of an enemy weapon to one of your choice, provided you know the ID of the weapon you'd like to replace.

List of Part IDs

Here are the default model swaps:
Firelink Curved Sword: Pontiff Knight Curved Sword
Firelink Lance: Greatlance
Firelink Staff: Sorcerer's Staff
Firelink Ultra Greatsword: Lorian's Greatsword
Heated Thrall Pick: Warpick
All other weapons replace themselves

Added in 1.1:
Fuming Ultra Greatsword: Taken from Fume Knight

Added in 1.2:
Glowing Wolnir's Sword

As these are model swaps, you should not be banned from online play. However, there is still a possibility as you are modifying game files. Use at your own risk.
Additionally, you may have larger or smaller hitboxes depending on the weapon chosen. This can give an unfair (dis)advantage in PvP.
If you are using Mod Engine, then you will be banned if you go online.

ForsakenSilver for FLVER Editor
TKGP for Yabber
Id-Daemon for Model Converter
MaxTheMiracle for Parts ID List and for providing a fix for the flickering
Rodan for discovering how to make glowing textures on weapons work


Mod Engine:
Place the mod files into the 'parts' folder* in your designated mod folder
*You may need to create the 'parts' folder

1. Unpack and patch the game files
2. Place the mod files into the 'parts' folder and select 'Yes" when asked to replace

Mod Engine: https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/332
UXM: https://www.nexusmods.com/sekiro/mods/26

Don't worry that UXM takes you to the Sekiro nexus, it will still work with Dark Souls 3