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Fixes a tiny overlook (two very small black bars) in the DSfix Enabled image shown in the Main Title of the game. Download with NMM, install, and forget about it. :)

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Very simple mod, there were two very small (and annoying) vertical black bars in the 'DSfix Enabled' image shown as background in the Main Title of the game after installing DSfix (v2.2 at the time of writing this). It bothered me everytime I run the game, and fixing it was just 15 seconds in Photoshop, so here it is, no more OCD annoyances (the two yellow vertical bars don't seem to be related to the image itself, if I find a way to remove them I'll update the mod, otherwise I consider this version Final).

This will also work if you've installed a main-menu music soundtrack or video.

Install with NMM directly, or manually by placing the file 3f28b833.png inside the dsfix/tex_override folder (let it replace the file from DSfix mod).

- Durante: for DSfix.