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About this mod

This mod makes enemy health bars more easily readable, particularly against dark backgrounds.

Permissions and credits
What's it do?

I've always had trouble seeing the enemy health bars in both Demon's and Dark Souls. This mod attempts to make them more readable, particularly against dark backgrounds. In version .3 current HP is green, just-inflicted damage is red, and the empty bar is gray. In the alternate colorblind version current HP is yellow, just-inflicted damage is blue, and the empty bar is gray.


What's new?

Added an alternate download with more appropriate colors for colorblind players.


How to install:

Install DSfix 1.2 or later, and make sure to set enableTextureOverride to 1 in dsfix.ini. Copy e3e2582d.png to your data\dsfix\tex_override folder. Squint less.

How to uninstall:

Simply delete, move, or rename e3e2582d.png.


Future plans?

Considering changes to the HUD's health/stamina/boss bars. IMO the main health bar's red HP color and black background are too dark; the black makes it difficult to see just how much of the bar is empty against dark backgrounds.


Version History

.3 colorblind version - Alternate download with better colors for colorblind players.

.3 - Did a much better job of preserving the dirt, notches, etc. Slightly less vibrant colors.

.2 - First shot at retaining the notches and grit and such. A tad less day-glo.

.1 - Quick proof of concept. Bright colors, simple solid bars.

Versions .1 and .2 are available on the /DarkSoulsMods Subreddit.


Thanks to:

Durante for the indispensable, life-affirming DSfix
Brumbek, Quantum_Shell, and DungFu on /r/DarkSoulsMods for ideas and help
PinkoCommie for pointing out the need for a colorblind version
Dark Souls Nexus for file and community hosting