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Made with the original font! Includes characters for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian!

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This texture mod replaces the low resolution font the game normally uses with a much sharper version of the same font. Each character was carefully placed to ensure consistency with the original game, while providing a nice dose of sharpness. Prepare to gaze in shock as the game's font becomes much clearer while still looking the same! Marvel at the clarity of the text! Be shocked when you look at screenshots taken without the mod and see how blurry the text is! (I know I was.)

This mod comes in two flavours - DDS, and PNG. Your best bet is DDS. Those flavours also come in their own flavours - sharp, and sharper. In other words, high resolution, and higher resolution. Now, don't be picky - unless you have a giant screen, just stick with high resolution.

Currently, this mod does not include support for Polish, Korean, or Chinese. (The Complete in the title refers to the glyphs covered, which are all the text-related ones.) Polish support will come in the next update. If you find any bugs or issues, report them!