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Seeks to make more weapons and spells viable and interesting. Underpowered weapons and spells are slightly buffed and spells with little/no purpose offline are reworked to have new uses. Miracle Synergy reworked to be achievable offline. Preserving the original characters of these weapons and spells is prioritised.

Permissions and credits
I was frustrated with the rebalance mods for PtDE that add extravagantly overtuned buffs or destroy the unique character of an item with their rebalances, so I made this. It mainly consists of simple parameter edits. I preferred to make unviably underpowered items less underpowered rather than overpowered, working within initial constraints where appropriate (for example: buffing the Stone Greataxe by transferring its dexterity scaling into its strength scaling, making it slightly more powerful on pure strength builds without actually affecting its total potential damage output).

More qualitative changes include changing Acid Surge into a damage-over-time spell (think Pestilent Mercury from DS3), Tranquil Walk of Peace decreasing all damage given and received within its radius for all factions, and White Dragon Breath being breathed from your mouth like a real dragon. Resist Curse does exactly what its item description says it does and the Tiny Being's Ring lives up to its description on the character creation menu. I've done my best to keep all changes tastful.

Complete list of changes are below. The .txt in the download has a version of this including my justifications for some of the choices I made, for those interested.

-Poison Mist uses increased to 5
-Toxic Mist uses increased to 2
-Acid Surge now deals a modest DoT to enemies standing in the cloud in the style of Pestilent Mercury from DS3. Uses increased to 4
-Iron Flesh restored to its original pre-patch strength (phys damage reduction increased to 70% from 30%, fire and magic reduction increased to 70% from 0% [these are indeed the original numbers for this spell before it was nerfed]) but now slows stamina recovery
-Fire Surge deals slightly more damage
-Undead Rapport affects a broader variety of enemies:
    -Undead Rat (all varieties)
    -Black Knight
    -Undead Attack Dog
    -Armoured Boar
    -infested Barbarian
    -Flaming Attack Dog
    -Egg Carrier
    -Silver Knight
    -Sentinel and Royal Sentinel
    -Mass of Souls
    -Undead Dragon
    -Bounding Demon (see .txt)
    -All hostile hollow NPCs
    -All originally affected enemies
-All miracles capable of miracle resonance boosts (except for great heal and replenishment, see below) are at level three miracle synergy by default. The Ring of the Sun Princess can be used to boost these miracles to level four.
-Soothing Sunlight and Bountiful Sunlight are more powerful than Great Heal and Replenishment respectively. Soothing Sunlight cures status effect.
-Emit Force has a slightly larger explosion radius at all synergy levels
-Tranquil Walk of Peace now briefly applies a severe damage reduction to all entities within the AoE, affecting both caster and their enemies
-Gravelord Greatsword Dance inflicts toxic buildup scaling with devotion to the covenant, consistent with the Sword Dance miracle Nito uses during the bossfight

-Slightly increased durations of Magic Shield and Strong Magic Shield
-Dark Fog now inflicts bleed build-up instead of poison build-up 
-Resist Curse now sacrifices humanity to cure the player of the curse status, as implied by its item description
-White Dragon Breath has a different cast animation (it lives up to its name now!). Now inflicts slight curse buildup on the caster (to compensate for faster cast speed). Can be cast only a stark few times with low curse resistance.

####ARMOUR & RINGS####
-Witch's Hat shares the effect of the Dusk Crown (increased spell damage given, increased magic damage received)
-Tiny Being's Ring restores health extremely slowly as implied by character creation screen

-Slightly adjusted the scaling and base damage of various weapons. In most cases, actual potential damage output is largely unchanged:
    -Stone Greataxe has slightly lower weight, better strength scaling and lower dex scaling
    -Giant's Halberd is a strength weapon
    -Dragonslayer's Spear is a dex/faith weapon
    -Stone Greatsword is a strength/int weapon
    -Crescent Axe is now a great axe as in Demon's Souls and has slightly higher base damage and scaling as appropriate
    -Hand axe and four pronged plow have slightly higher strength scaling and lower dex scaling
-Weapon changes which substantially change potential damage output:
    -Crystal Ring Shield has improved intelligence scaling
    -Astora Straightsword have improved base damage
    -Dagger, Priscilla's Dagger, Bandit Knife, and Mail Breaker have slightly higher base damage
    -Hammer of Vamos and Morningstar have improved base damage and scaling
    -Ghost Blade and Jagged Ghost Blade have improved scaling
    -Dragon Bone Fist has improved scaling
    -Crystal Greatsword has improved base damage, scaling, and a delightful greatsword/straightsword hybrid moveset
-Other weapon changes:
    -Channeller's Trident r2 buff now affects the player as well as allies (previously only affected allies)
    -Bonesheel Shield inflicts bleed
    -Blacksmith's Hammer (Andre's hammer) deals slightly extra poise damage
    -Certain previously unbuffable weapons can now be buffed
    -Crystal Shield has parry instead of shield-bash
    -Manus' Catalyst and Tin Banishment Catalyst deal slightly more melee damage (dark magic spell damage is unaffected)

If you're interested in this mod but there are just one or two things I've changed that you can't stand, let me know and I'll make a version for you with the changes you like. Let me know if anything doesn't work, or if you have any other ideas you'd like to see.